Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vedika saying you are right, Shashi, I went there to save Shubham and impress Ram, no one can take my place in Ram’s life. Ram and Priya come home. Vedika calls Ram and asks him to come home, she can’t keep the marriage with Shashi. He says calm down, I will come. Ram says what happened to her, why is she crying. Neeraj comes and claps for Vedika’s performance. He says Shashi doesn’t have much money in his account, congrats, you made Ram believe you. She says Priya spoilt my plan, I need you more now, I want to rectify my mistake. He says if Ram knows I m around Priya, you know what will happen, Priya can’t love anyone, she has bitterness in her. She says you like to know this, right, that she is sad because of you, you have to keep reminding Priya, else she will forget you, you don’t want Priya to forget you, I don’t want Ram to forget me, I have been his first priority. He says interesting. Sara talks to Priya on call. Priya says Ram always offers help, but I don’t want to use his goodness. Sara says stop thinking, be yourself, no, actually don’t be yourself. Priya says he has many friends, especially Vedika, they know Ram well, I don’t know him. Sara says Shashi didn’t make the payment till now. Priya asks what. Ram calls Shashi. He says why is he not answering. Priya says Shashi would not mean that. Sara says Vedika is strange. Priya says tell me if you don’t get the money. She says Vedika said Akki messaged Anjali, how did that message go. She messages Akki to ask. Akki replies, I was also thinking the same. She says someone is trying to trap him. She asks are you fine. He replies, yes, you and Ram are with me, I m fine. She says he trusts me a lot, shall I talk to Ram by keeping ego aside. Ram goes to meet Vedika. She cries and runs to hug him. She says please help me. It starts thundering.

Priya says why is this unseasonal rain happening. Ram asks what happened. Vedika says Shashi blamed me and him, I never cheated him. He says I know, I never wanted your marriage to break, I will talk to Shashi, I will sort this out. She says no, this marriage is over for me. He asks her to calm down. Priya looks for Ram. She says where did he go, did he go to get under the rain, he will fall sick. She hears door bell ringing. Vedika says Shashi can’t forgive me that I loved you, he got angry on me that I went to save Shivi, don’t I have any relation with her, won’t you help us today if we need you. He says calm down. She asks what shall I do, who will support me. Nandini comes and says we will give you support. Neeraj comes. Priya asks what are you doing here. He says you don’t like rains, why are you going out.

Nandini says we will support you, you aren’t alone, listen, your and Ram’s relation is over, but old relations are there, your dad and Ram’s dad were friends, you will come with us to our home, right Ram. Vedika says but Priya…. Nandini says she won’t have any problem. Ram says I will talk to her and Shashi also, take Vedika home. Nandini takes Vedika with her. Neeraj lies to Priya. He says Vedika called to cross check me, I understood everything. She says tell Maitri that you had come here. He asks are you fine. She says no one troubles me here. He says I had your sister’s responsibility when I had no job. She says then go to her, Ram is there to care for me. He recalls Vedika’s words.

Vedika says thanks for bringing me here and giving Shivi’s clothes. Nandini says I went your home and got to know this, you and Shashi can sort this out. Vedika says don’t know if this will sort out or not. Nandini says talk to Ram, he will sort out, when you left Ram, he was heartbroken, then he handled himself. Vedika says Priya won’t like it. Nandini asks why, she doesn’t know Ram loves you. Vedika thinks Ram didn’t tell Priya about me, I have to tell Priya that I m his first love. Ram comes home and asks where is Priya. Servant says I don’t know. Ram goes out and says I have to tell the truth to Priya, I had no choice and got Vedika home, she doesn’t want to know but I have to tell her. Priya sees Vedika. Ram looks on.

Vedika says sorry, I came here without your permission, Ram said he will handle it, I had a fight with Shashi, I called Ram, so he got me here. Priya asks is everything fine between Shashi and you. Vedika says its my personal matter. Priya says sorry, I didn’t wish to interfere, tell Tarun if you want anything. She goes. Vedika asks is Priya upset. Ram says no. She says I felt so, Nandini told me that you didn’t tell Priya about us, why, you know about Neeraj, then why did you hide your past. Ram says its Priya and my personal matter. She says sorry. He says already much drama happened, Priya didn’t want to know, its my duty to tell her, don’t tell her. She nods. He goes. Vedika thinks how will I tell Priya that I m Ram’s first and last love. Ram says Priya, I want to tell something. Priya says stop, carpet will get wet, go and change. Ram says I didn’t want to get Vedika, she called me for help, are you okay with it or not, I want to solve Shashi and her problem, what is in your heart, tell me. Priya says no, I m not okay.

Vedika says Ram said Priya and he are husband and wife. Ram says my habits are changing. Neeraj comes home. Ram and Priya support each other. Ram smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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