Kundali Bhagya 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

Rakhi is walking with a tray, Prithvi coming infront asks where is she going then seeing the room questions why are they so stubborn because the doctor has told them that they all must stay away from Mahesh, Rakhi explains she had made milkshake for him since he really likes it, Prithvi picking the glass drops it, he asks he has let it go but does she know what would have happened if it reached Mahesh, as he might lose his life, Prithvi says that if she desires to be with him then must go and ask her daughter in law since she is sponsoring the birthday party of her sister, Kritika kneels down to wipe off the milkshake, Sherlin sees them from standing in the corner.

Prithvi enters the room, Sherlin asks what would have happened had he allowed Mahesh to get the milkshake, he starts suffocating her saying his rules would have been harmed but he doesnot want to even for her, as the friend of the luthra’s is his enemy, he doesnot want to hurt her but if she goes against him then would also get hurt, she asks why has he changed so much but he replies that he has not changed and is the same angry, dangerous person, she says he just fell in love with Preeta but Prithvi exclaims now he really hates her, this is the same thing that is common between him and the Luthra’s.

Prithvi asks Sherlin to prepare for the birthday of her fake friend, Sherlin replies she had planned something else because they will hold a pooja which will have a fake Pandit, who will say that everything wrong which is happening in the house will be corrected when Karan gets married, she has written this script, Payal has a friend whose father is a pandit, he asks who is Payal, she says that it is the name of Natasha, and they will do what prithvi has planned tonight, as he drinks a lot so when everyone would wake up in the morning, she will explain to the family how they must get karan and Natasha married to protect their image, he orders her to execute it and questions if she has told Natasha, Sherlin replies she has told her to be with him, she will change the drink so he will get heavily under the influence. Prithvi exclaims that he would after tonight get what he desires, soon she will have the fifty percent ownership while Natasha would be the owner of the other half, he will get whatever he desires then Sherlin would not have to act about being the daughter in law of the Luthra’s.

The Pandit is walking when he bumps into a stranger, he talks very rudely with the person who is tensed why is a Pandit talking in such a manner, he asks the person to go since he has a lot of work to complete, he calls Natasha informing that he will not be able to come since he has asked his father to come and do her work, however she says that he must surely come but he says he has already said what he desired but cannot explain it any further.

Sherlin is standing when she gets the call from Natasha, she informs that her fake Pandit has come so she should also be present, she comes running when the Pandit jee sits down, Natasha takes his blessing explaining that she has arranged this pooja for the betterment of this family as she is about to be the wife of Karan and so found out from her sister that everyone in this family is not happy at all, the pandit jee says that if this is the case then everyone from the family should be present for the pooja and also that they should bring the necessities, Kritika leaves to bring them when he starts throwing it in the entire house, Kritika receives a text which states that Dr Preeta Aurora has been appointed for a house visit at 7:30 pm, she leaves after getting nervous, Prithvi notices that she has left the house.

Karan in his room is drinking constantly trying to forget the memories with Preeta however he is not able to forget it, he just thinks about her so starts crying, Karan tries to stand up but is not even able to walk properly, he then picks up his bottle when he is once again rebounded by the memories of Preeta, recalling how he used to think she is the most pretty women in the world, he in anger starts drinking even more. Rakhi enters his room trying to search for him, she is shocked to see he is drunk to this extent so questions what has happened, he tries to say nothing has happened when she thinks she knows he is thinking about Preeta, Karan replies that he is not missing her even when he sees her everywhere but is not missing her, she thinks he always asks her for a photo and then sits crying with it all night, but when he recovers then throws it away, she says that she doesnot have any photo but asks Karan to come with her since today is the birthday of Natasha and Shelrin has arranged a small pooja, Rakhi explains that she has faced a lot of troubles, she might feel bad since Rishab left them and did not even call them once, then Prithvi came and started to do so bad with them but she is still standing with them even when she could have gone to her mother’s house, he hugs her but she is not able to bear the smell of alcohol, she asks him to sit at some distance from them otherwise he would not be able to stand the pooja, Karan while going to the bathroom stumbles but he assures he is fine, she thinks that she knows he really misses Preeta as it is evident from his reactions.

Kritika coming to Rakhi says that she got a call from the clinic and was told the doctor who has been appointed to check her is Preeta Aurora, Rakhi says that she would never come to this house, after the way in which they had thrown her out of the house, she knows Preeta would not come, the clinic might have given her the appointment without her consent, she will refuse to enter the Luthra Mansion.

Karan comes to the pooja with Kritika and Rakhi, Sameer helps him sit down on the sofa, Prithvi thinks it doesnot matter if he is told anything, after some time the Pandit jee asks them to asks whatever they desire as everything would be granted, Dadi asks for the better health of Mahesh when Karina prays for the return of Rishab while Kritika also asks for Karan to be the same as before, while Natasha just prays for the dance achievements. Rakhi prays that the family should also be like it was before as she has tried a lot to but cannot keep them as one any longer.

Precap: Someone enters the Luthra house, everyone is wondering who is she, they are shocked to see Preeta standing in front of them in the darkness.

Update Credit to: Sona

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