Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Adi asks Ram if Priya knows. Here, Priya says Ram will believe you. Ram asks if Priya is okay, but Vedika misunderstands he is caring for her.

20 mins earlier … Priya and Ram fight about who will go to bring the amount for loan. Ram says if this is fight then I am giving coupon. The loan guy worries. Ram sends him to Vikrant. Priya is surprised. Priya says this is very wrong. Ram justifies it. Ram says I found about Anjali who did wrong to Akki, we will find her soon. Ram says wait for me we will go home together. They both agree upon it and go for thier respective work. Priya thinks I am stupid got tricked by Ram. Here, Akki burns the pics with Anjali and throws in dustbin. He gets messages which are threatening and asking for 50 lakhs. Akki thinks to pay and get it over with. He finds money in cupboard. Shivi comes and says you are taking me shopping? Akki says this is for saving for our home then we will go shopping. Akki thinks I am sorry to lie Shivi.

Priya thinks if she got late, she messages Ram about she getting free. Ram says she is also coming. Priya spots Vedika and asks her why she has not gone. Priya finds her worried so asks if she is okay. Vedika says yeah. Priya asks where is Shashi? Vedika says he had work. Vedika acts like he got hurt in foot. Priya helps her while Vedika smirks. Here, Adi advises Ram to tell Priya about Vedika as your equation with Priya has now changed for good. Ram says I just feel present is so beautiful, so why to talk about past? Adi says but Vedika is living in your house. Ram says but she will go, you just focus on Anjali. Adi leaves. Ram thinks I was agreeing on telling Priya then what is stopping me now.

Priya brings Vedika to doctor. Doctor says it seems like someone hurt her as if she would have felt on her own then she wouldn’t be hurt like this. Priya relates past events and says Shashi did this? Vedika is silent. Priya says now on you will stay in my home. Priya says I won’t let you tolerate this. Vedika smirks. Vedika pretends like Ram will not agree. Priya days not to worry she will handle Ram. Vedika says but Ram will destory the deal, and Sid will be also in trouble. Priya comforts her. Vedika asks her to promise her that she won’t tell the truth to Ram only then she will go with her.

Priya and Vedika go back. Ram comes and gets to know Priya went to doctor. Ram finds Priya and asks why was Priya with doctor. Seeing Ram concerned, Vedika thinks he is worried for her and she feels nice but later Ram comes near Priya so Vedika gets jealous. Ram worries. Priya says she is fine but I went for some college work. Vedika thinks yes my plan worked. Priya feels worried to lie. Priya aska Vedika to come for dinner and Shashi is busy. Ram says you decide venue and we will eat healthy.

Episode ends.

Precap: Nandini and Vedika plan against Priya. Ram finds Priya behaving wierd.

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