Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vedika thinking Ram won’t believe me, but I will make this accident news reach him. She calls Mami. Mami hears them. Vedika says you planned that accident to kill Ram, anything could have happened to Ram, you should have refused. Mahender says it was destined, if you are trying to threaten me, then its no use, no one has a proof against me, not even me. She asks does Priya know this. He says yes. Vedika asks how are you sure that she will not tell this to anyone, why will she support you. He says you are supporting her, Priya has kept her mouth shut. Mami gets shocked. He says she would have told my name by now, she is with me if she is silent. Vedika says so she has your blood. Mahender taunts Vedika and calls her greedy. He goes.

Adi comes to Ram. Priya asks Ram not to say sorry. Adi says you guys are going out, right. She asks are we going anywhere. Ram says it was a surprise. Adi says we are making you an authorized signatory for Shubham. She asks why, you said I don’t need to get involved. Ram argues with Adi. Ram thanks him. Adi goes.

Ram says I will clear all your doubts, Shubham is travelling a lot, I don’t want the work to get delayed. She asks did you ask him. He says no. She says he is your brother. He says you are my wife, you are not different than me. She recalls Shubham’s words. He jokes. She says I want some help, how shall I tell you. He asks really, you want help from me, tell me. She says I never ask anything but…. I feel hurt to face someone, my dad. Ram asks what did he do now, tell me, I m ready to listen. She says I should have told this to you long time back, but I couldn’t say. He asks her to say now.

She says I will accept your decision. Adi comes and says I need you, its urgent, Priya, sorry. Priya says no problem. She goes. Ram says Priya was asking my help for the first time, and you came. Meera and Sara come and ask Nandini why did she call them. Nandini says I didn’t call you. Mami says I have called you. She taunts Meera. She says I will expose all of them, Priya got hurt in that accident and everyone became her slaves, that accident was for our Ram. Priya says please… Mami says you thought I will keep my mouth shut, you knew this since always, tell me, am I saying a lie. They get shocked. Mami says that accident was a conspiracy against Ram, Priya knew it and didn’t say anything, she was mute, ask her, why is she hiding that sinner’s name, does she want Ram to die. Meera scolds Mami.

Mami argues and asks Meera to ask Priya the truth. Meera says my daughters will never ashame me. Priya cries. Adi says we will take this case back. Ram says no, dad wanted to gift this land to Nandini, it was precious to him, we are not going to settle this case, I want this done, dad asked me to not lose this done. Adi says okay.

Nandini says this blame is true, tell me, is this true. Priya says yes. Meera gets shocked. Mami asks Priya to say who is their enemy. Nandini asks Priya to say. Priya says Mahender. Nandini says you were covering up for him. Sara says Priya and I are ashamed of him. Nandini says he is a murderer. Mami says I got to know this today. She thinks to not take Vedika’s name. She acts and says Ram is close to me. Meera says Mahender planned to harm Ram, why didn’t you do anything, you never supported wrong, why were you helpless, tell me. She says I will call police and get Mahender punished, he planned this accident. Mami says Priya covered it, I will call the police. Nandini asks her to shut up now.


Nandini asks why did you hide this, did anyone threaten you. Priya thinks yes, he threatened me and punished Maitri that time. Nandini shouts who had stopped you. Priya cries.

Priya loves the rains. Ram says I hate rain. He fires the servant and goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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