Barrister Babu 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Batuk seeing everyone busy. He goes and reads Tapur’s letter. He changes the letter and leaves from the room. Its morning, Tapur stops Somnath and asks are you going to the hospital. He says yes, I m going to see a patient, what is it. She says I wanted to tell something, listen. Batuk looks on. She says I have written it in this letter. Somnath says I will see it later. He takes the letter and leaves. Batuk laughs. Bondita asks everyone to come for breakfast. She asks how did you know that I want to have sweets and sour things. Sampoorna says your husband has read your mind, he said he wanted to bring taste in your life, like you brought colours in his life, tell me what do you want to have. Bondita names different things. Sampoorna says everything is yours. Tapur says Anirudh will feed by his hands.

Bondita smiles. Batuk says this is for you, Bondita. Bondita thinks which perfume did he apply, I feel like puking, what shall I do. He asks did you change your mind again. She eats the laddoo. Everyone smiles. Bondita vomits there itself, over his shoe. Batuk asks are you mad, what did you do, its costly shoes, are you a kid, don’t you know, you should go to bathroom and vomit, don’t come close to me, are you mad, take a bath and come, stay away. Bondita recalls Anirudh cleaning the wet bed for her sake. Trilochan goes after Batuk. He asks him to come out. Batuk says Bondita is mad, she vomited on me, I have to throw my pants and shoes. Trilochan says you didn’t do this right, she is pregnant, she will vomit. Batuk asks will she vomit on me. Trilochan says remember, you are Anirudh. Batuk says I can tolerate anything, not any vomiting on me, I feel like vomiting, smell it, it feels like I m out of some dustbin. Trilochan says you should have thought of this before becoming Anirudh, don’t you remember, when Bondita was young, Anirudh used to clean her bed, he would have taken her vomiting in hand if he was alive. He goes. Batuk says he isn’t alive, he died while saving her.

Somnath reads the letter, I want to keep Shiv’s idol along with Durga maa’s idol in the house temple, if you accept this condition, then put an orange flower, I will understand its your yes. He smiles and stops Tapur. He gives her an orange flower. She smiles. Bondita comes inside the room. So many notes with sorry written falls over her. Batuk comes with flowers and says sorry, please forgive me, I will cover my face with this bouquet all day. Bondita asks do you think I can live without seeing your face, no, you don’t need to do all this, I have forgiven you, really. He says thanks. She stops him. He asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks if you are hurt by my words, if I did a mistake, then I m sorry. He says not at all, it was my mistake, so I said sorry, I wrote so many letters for you, lets count. She says I want to trust, but can’t do, you sent me a vehicle filled with letters, but never made me count. Tapur calls her out. Bondita goes. He says sorry. Tapur hugs Bondita and says Somnath gave me a letter, he has no trouble with my truth, he didn’t say anything. Bondita says strange. Tupur says you should be happy that Somnath has broad thinking like Anirudh, Tapur will be happy. Bondita says I m really happy, why didn’t he ask anything. Batuk comes and asks why did you call my wife, I was saying sorry to her, what’s this flower for, Tapur keep it, are you making a medicine by it. Tapur says no.

Tupur says Somnath gave it. Batuk asks do you want to marry him. Tapur smiles. He asks Bondita not to say no, be happy now. He calls out Somnath and everyone. He says there is a good news, this flower came from Somnath to Tapur, it means you should find mahurat for Ashirward rasam, Bondita, you don’t look happy. Bondita says I m very happy with this alliance. He says lets get the wedding planned. Bondita asks did you think well and agreed for this marriage, tell me if you have any doubt or question. Somnath says no, I don’t want Tapur to make medicines after marriage, I want her to help in kitchen and household work. Bondita says its wrong. Tapur says I m ready, I won’t make medicines after marriage. Trilochan says we will do the rasams tomorrow, its an auspicious day. Batuk says congrats. He thinks your relation with your sisters will break. Tupur says Somnath has accepted Tapur’s truth, can’t Tapur do this for him. Bondita thinks if Somnath has accepted Tapur’s past, then why does he have a problem with her work after marriage. She asks did you give the letter to him yourself. Tapur says yes, why are you asking this. Bondita says nothing. Tupur says we have to prepare for Ashirward Samaroh. Batuk plays a harmonium. Bondita comes and says I knew you are hiding something. Batuk asks what am I hiding, Bondita.


Update Credit to: Amena

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