Bhagya Lakshmi 18th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi to go else she will say anything and says she don’t want to listen to what he is saying. Rishi says you have to listen, I am tired of lying to you. Lakshmi says I will pick the wet towel from the bed, and I will pick your clothes also, will do all my life, but will not hear anything against my husband. She says don’t tell me that I am scolding you, you had only asked me not to bear anyone’s anger and asks him not to take out anger on her. He says I am not angry on you, but on myself. Lakshmi asks him to take the anger on himself. She says don’t utter a single word against our marriage, and says it is a boon for me, it is a new birth to me, and means a lot to me. She says this marriage has returned my family to me, and says you are my Bau ji’s blessings and the result of his prayers, and asks if understood what he means to her, and what this marriage means to her. She says don’t say this again, I get very hurt, and says you hurt me a lot for the first time. He says he is very confused and don’t know why and how he is doing? He says I can’t do this. Lakshmi asks what happened, and asks him not to worry and says I will not scold you. Rishi says you are not understanding me. Lakshmi asks did I do anything? Rishi says yes, and says infact you are very good. She asks him to remember this in next birth too that our marriage is not a curse, but a big boon. He says I had gone with Malishka to the mall and says we are….Lakshmi says did I ask anything and says you did right by going with her. She says you care for me so much and thinks about me a lot, and I like that. She says today you had gone with Malishka and selected dress for me. Karishma calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi says Bua is calling me and tells Rishi that she likes her Montu very much. She goes. He thinks of her words.

Malishka comes to her room angrily, and thinks of Virender’s words. She says yes, I am playing with his mind and pressurizing him for marriage. She asks if I am doing any crime, I haven’t done any mistake. Virender is in the car and recalls Malishka’s words.
He says thank you Bappa, my kids Lakshmi and Rishi will be together always. Malishka says I came in Rishi’s life before that woman, and everyone has done wrong with me. She says I also have done wrong with myself and says I have stoop myself, and says I would have saved Rishi myself, else I would have died with him. She says atleast we would have lived together, says I am sorry Rishi, everyone has changed and I am changed too. She says this changed Malishka will betray you big Rishi.

Lakshmi comes to Rishi and congratulates him. He asks for what? Lakshmi says our relation has strengthen more, like typical husband and wife. She says we were fighting like husband and wife, and tells that we had typical fight. Rishi smiles. Lakshmi goes. Rishi thinks why I am worried for her, and getting her thought only. He thinks when she is with me, I just see her, and nothing else. He says when she is not with me, I think about her. He thinks why she is so good, if someone else was in her place, then I would have ended the relation right away, but she is Lakshmi.

Lakshmi knocks on the door. Ayush asks her to come. Lakshmi asks how do you know that I have come. He says who else will do. He asks her not to do the work. Lakshmi says whose house is this, mine. Ayush asks her not to do his work. Lakshmi says I will not do your work when your wife comes. Ayush says there are no good girls. He says if Shalu is her real sister or adopted. Lakshmi says Bau ji had picked her from Gurudwara stairs and then says she is joking. Ayush says she is different from you. Lakshmi asks what did Shalu do? Ayush says she is different from you and don’t like me. She asks do you like Shalu? He says no. Lakshmi says you both are same, and says I will pray that you both become good friends. She asks him to hang the clothes in his cupboard and goes. He opens the cupboard and sees a stole. He thinks to give it to Shalu, and thinks he is sympathetic and good boy.

Rishi thinks about Rishi and thinks to stay away from her, else he will care for her more. Lakshmi comes there and asks if he needs anything. Rishi goes to the study room. Bani sees Shalu smiling seeing the call. Shalu says he is jhalla and says I am very angry. Bani says end the call. Shalu says it might be Di’s work and picks Ayush’s call. Ayush asks him not to eat her brain. Shalu asks shall I end the call. She says she wants to show to Bani about her manners, etc. Ayush ends the call. Shalu calls him. Ayush picks and ends the call. He ends the call. She calls again. Ayush asks shall I cut the call. Shalu stops him. He says he don’t want to talk and ends the call. Bani asks Shalu to drink and calm down. She says I saw how your silence said sorry to him. Shalu asks her to go and sleep.

Malishka talks to Rajan and tells Kiran that he gave new perfume boxes to her. Rajan looks on and goes. Kiran asks about the boxes. Malishka makes an excuse and thinks I am sorry Rishi, I will break Lakshmi and your marriage in just 2 days. She smiles.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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