Bhagya Lakshmi 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Balwinder asking Lakshmi why he is doing this? what will he get by doing this? Balwinder says I am doing this for you and our baby. Lakshmi says you will not get anything, go from here. She folds her hands. Balwinder touches her and says nothing shall happen to baby. Lakshmi cries.

Balwinder says didn’t you hear what your saas said and tells that even your husband don’t trust you and kept you as the shoe. He says I will keep you as Rani and says I am not Rishi who hears bad about his wife. Lakshmi says I will not go anywhere with you. Neelam says stop it, you shall thank us for not making issue of your dramas. Balwinder asks Rishi if he is in shock, as his wife is having his child.

He says you shall keep name for baby, but don’t keep Rishi. Lakshmi cries. Balwinder says ok, we will name him Rishi. Ahana feels bad for Lakshmi. Karishma asks her to have some shame and asks her to leave, else she will throw her out. Ahana says Mom. Karishma asks her not to say a word and asks Lakshmi to take her baby and lover and get out. Neelam says she can’t bear.

Balwinder forces Lakshmi to come and drags her holding her hand. Lakshmi asks him to leave her. Rishi looks at everything and then hits Balwinder. Balwinder falls down. Rishi asks him to leave if he wants to be alive. Balwinder says I will return surely. He leaves. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and signs her not to cry. Song plays…..Rishi takes Lakshmi inside. Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s care for her.

Virender, Ayush and others look at them. Rishi takes Lakshmi to their room. Dadi gets emotional. Neelam says balwinder will not be quiet and will open his mouth. She asks Virender to deal with him.

Rishi applies ointment to Lakshmi’s hands. She makes sound. He says sorry and asks why did you give him power to do this with you. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi says don’t smile. Lakshmi thinks thank you Rishi for supporting me, when nobody was with me, you are so good and that’s why I…He asks what? Lakshmi signs nothing and thinks who informed Balwinder about pregnancy.

Balwinder says he will get much money. Malishka asks what you thought that they will do your aarti. Balwinder says I told them much and tells that Rishi had beaten him, when he was dragging Lakshmi out. He says he would have killed me for Lakshmi.


Malishka says Lakshmi is such and traps everyone. She says after the court hearing, take her away from here. Balwinder asks about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Malishka says she is not pregnant, Rishi haven’t touched her as she is not suitable for him. Balwinder thinks she is fully mine and I will make her my baby’s mother. He comes inside Oberoi Mansion and takes Lakshmi to side.

He asks her to leave Rishi and says you are made for me, and I don’t leave my thing easily. He says he will use saam daam dand bhed. He says nobody is there for you, but I am your everything. I will be your husband. Lakshmi hears his nonsense. Servant is coming there. Neelam stops him. Balwinder hears him and goes. Servant says Lakshmi bhabhi asked him to make turmeric milk for Rishi.

Neelam says Lakshmi can take it and asks him to make coffee for her. Servant goes. Neelam tells that she is a curse for them and shall leave soon. She says thank god court date is tomorrow, this curse shall go away from our lives. Lakshmi takes turmeric milk and comes inside.

Rishi asks why you have brought. I asked Mukesh to bring it. Lakshmi holds his hand and says I told him that I will take. Rishi says you are having fever. Lakshmi says no. Rishi asks why do you bear everyone’s cheap doings, and says whatever happened with you today is not good.

She says tomorrow also it won’t be good. Rishi looks on hearing her. He then makes her take medicine and makes her drink turmeric milk. He says even you had made me drink turmeric milk forcibly. Lakshmi looks at him.

Karishma says Lakshmi acts as if she is innocent and shy lamb, and claims to be Rishi’s wife and is pregnant with Balwinder’s child. Neelam says this pregnancy is her trick to stay here. Virender says why Lakshmi will do this, knowing about balwinder. Neelam asks him not to take that cheap woman’s side. She says thankfully her truth came out infront of us, and this inauspicious thing will go away from our house and Lakshmi’s chapter will be finished.

Lakshmi gets ready and wears earrings. Something goes in her eye. She goes to the bathroom to wash her eye and sees Rishi washing his face. Rishi tries to go and looks at her. Lakshmi closes her eye, feeling pain. He gives her way. tera hoke rahun plays…..She washes her face. Rishi looks at her. She recalls Neelam’s words that court date is tomorrow and the curse shall end.

Rishi asks if she don’t want to talk to him about their marriage and the happenings. She asks what is left to talk. She goes to the room and gets teary eyes. Rishi thinks she don’t want to talk to me, have so much attitude. He wipes his face with tissue. Just then someone throws cards in the bathroom.

Rishi reads it and comes to room, asking what is this Lakshmi? Malishka is in the room. Rishi says what you are doing here? Malishka says what did you think that Lakshmi threw these cards. He asks her not to start again, and says he is in tension as he has to go to court.

Malishka says it is for our happiness, your will be freed from Lakshmi. She says she has planned to go for dinner with him, then watch movie with him and have caramel popcorn with him. Rishi is upset. Malishka asks if you are feeling bad that you are divorcing Lakshmi. He says he is same. Malishka says she is in tension. He says I am not wearing pant, go from here. She slips and he holds her. lakshmi comes there and looks at them.

Precap: Gautam’s mother asks Rishi if they are going out. Rishi says they have to go somewhere for an important meeting. Malishka says I shall come and see my boyfriend cum fiance’s divorce happening. Rishi says may be it is a joke for you, and the game of victory or defeat, but for me it is something else. Malishka is shocked.

Ahana asks Lakshmi to tell everything to Rishi. Judge asks Rishi and Lakshmi if they are ready to handle their relation. Neelam comes there and says no. She tells Judge that she is sure that Lakshmi haven’t told her entire truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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