Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling that she will taste it. Paro stops her and tells that she has added extra chilli in it. Rohan and Paro argue and start fighting. Lakshmi shouts asking Paro to go to her room. She asks Rohan to go also. Shalu says we shall teach them a lesson. Lakshmi says which they shall remember all life. Later Rohan and Paro are in the lamb shed and the guy tells that Lakshmi Madam doesn’t want him to leave them. Paro asks him to leave her as she is Lakshmi’s daughter.

Rohan asks him to give his phone. He calls Rishi. Rishi asks him how is he? Rohan tells that he is in the lamb shed because of Paro. Rishi says I will come there now itself. Paro snatches his phone and runs. Rishi is in the meeting and offers 5 crores for the hotel. The guy says it is very less amount. Rishi tells that you didn’t pay the salaries to the staff since a year, and had not paid the taxes and there are many problems. He gives him 10 seconds to sign the papers brought by Mukesh. The guy signs the papers. Rishi says you have signed 1 second before else I would have taken your hotel for free. The guy leaves.

Ayush says the hotel is of 8 crores. Rishi tells that he gave him less money as he will pay the salary and taxes with the money which he didn’t give it to him. Rohan falls down. Paro runs to help him. The trustee calls Lakshmi and asks how she can send Rohan to the lamb shed. Lakshmi tells that she is teaching them as a mother for their own good. The trustee says Mr. Oberoi called me as his son called him. Lakshmi thinks how he will give good values to his son. Karishma and Neelam are worried for Rohan. Anushka asks them not to worry.

Shalu sends the fake snake to the shed and the snake chases Paro, as Shalu is controlling with the remote. Paro runs. Rohan takes the stick to hit the snake. Paro asks him not to come as it might bite him. Rohan says his father taught him not to leave anyone in trouble, and this is taught to him by my Mom. He saves Paro. Paro gets happy and hugs him. Lakshmi comes there. Paro hugs her and tells that Rohan saved her. Shalu tells that they have taught them a lesson and shows the remote. Lakshmi tells them that the fight will not take them anywhere, and make them realize their mistake. Paro says she will not fight with him and hugs him. Rohan also hugs her. She ties him cloth as if Rakhi. He says it is looking like Rakhi. Lakshmi says you both are brother and sister now. They tell that they will never fight. The lamb shed guy takes their video and appreciates Lakshmi.

The trustee comes to Rsihi and tells that the teacher didn’t punish Rohan, but kept him and her daughter in the lamb shed to teach them a lesson. He says she had kept them there as they were fighting. Rishi says Rohan will cut my nose. The trustee shows Rohan and Paro video in which they are hugging each other. He says he wishes to have such teacher in his school also. Rishi says there is something in her surely.

Lakshmi is teaching the kids, when Principal comes there and tells that City school trustee wants her to go to their school for the exchange problem and tells Lakshmi that she has to go. Lakshmi recalls whatever happened in the city and refuses to go. The Principal asks her to go. Rishi thinks why he has the feeling that Lakshmi teacher is his Lakshmi, but he has seen her, she is someone else. He thinks he will know tomorrow. Principal tells Lakshmi that life might be giving you some chances as it wants something new in your life.

Rishi thinks he couldn’t see Lakshmi during her last time, due to his selfishness. He thinks everything will be clear tomorrow. Principal asks Lakshmi if she will take Paro there. Dadi asks Lakshmi what she is thinking? Lakshmi tells about Principal Maam’s saying that trustee and Mr. Oberoi wanted her to come to the city. Dadi says they might want to honor you. Lakshmi says she don’t want honor, she just want the kids to do something big and different. She says what to do? Shalu asks her to refuse.

Precap: Shalu says you will remember everything, just as you go there. Rishi says I will go to airport to meet Lakshmi teacher.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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