Bhagya Lakshmi 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka telling Rishi that he always do like this and says you hugged her infront of me. Rishi says you knows who hugged first and says I just love you and hugs her. Malishka asks him to be like this always, she shows the saree and goes to try it. Rishi tries sehra on his head, just then the storm comes. He removes it. Sanjay asks Lakshmi to go to side, and says he will pick all the fallen things. Lakshmi is in shock and thinks of Pandit ji meeting Neelam. Rishi recalls Ayush asking him not to let Lakshmi go. He thinks about Lakshmi and her words, asking him if he will leave her. Malishka comes wearing the clothes for the wedding and asks how am I looking? She asks Rishi, and then checks herself in the mirror. She says she is looking stupid. Rishi says you are looking good, but haven’t worn the saree properly. She asks him to say that it doesn’t suit her. He says it is good. She asks him to call Lakshmi and asks him to teach how to drape saree to his new wife. Rishi asks her not to joke about Lakshmi, and says she is having a clean heart and trusted us, and asks why you talk bad about her. Malishka asks him to relax. Rishi says I am breaking her heart and even you. He says Lakshmi didn’t do any mistake, and says I am selfish to marry her to save my life, and you are selfish to convince me for the marriage. He says what will happen with Lakshmi, when she comes to know the truth, says she will be broken. He cries and says she will feel bad to know that she was being used. He says you talk bad about her, but it is true that we all are bad. He says whenever you talk bad about her, I feel pain and get hurt. Rishi says if one gets betrayal in love, then that person can’t trust anyone. He says when she comes to know that everything was lie before marriage and I love you Malishka, whom she loves a lot, is a cheap guy. He breaks down and cries thinking about Lakshmi. He says I am sorry. Malishka asks him to stop it.

Pandit ji checks the kundali and tells Neelam that he wouldn’t have come if everything is fine. He asks about Rishi. Neelam says he went to office, but will come soon. Virender comes and greets him. Sonia gives him specs. Neelam asks them to be quiet for sometime. He says Markesh dosh haven’t gone from him, he is fine as he got married to Lakshmi. Lakshmi is walking.

Rishi says I shall be happy that I am marrying you, but I am not happy as I am betraying Lakshmi. Malishka recalls Karishma’s words and says you are saying this, as you are emotional and sensitive. She says whatever is destined to happen, will happen and asks him to get ready fast as Pandit ji would be coming, and smile for her. Rishi says when Lakshmi smiles, I feel good and says her smile will be vanished due to me. He says you can’t understand my situations.

Malishka asks him not to think all that and says everything will be fine. Rishi says I said that you will not understands, I failed her. Malishka says I am going out, asks him to come out when ready. Pandit ji tells that Markesh dosh is resurfacing in Rishi’s life again and says her kundali calm down Rishi’s dosh, then why there is danger on his life. Malishka thinks of Karishma and Abhay’s words, and thinks they said right. She thinks I have to marry Rishi today itself in any circumstances, and my marriage will break Lakshmi and his marriage. Karishma says now Rishi is married to Lakshmi and her kundali is supporting him, so what is the trouble? Lakshmi hears them and asks to tell the truth, says I know that you all are hiding truth from me. She asks Virender to tell what is the truth? She asks Dadi.

Malishka opens the door and finds someone standing there. She says you. Lakshmi says I have heard Rishi is in danger and asks them to tell the truth. She says you all love him, and tells Pandit ji about her dream, which wanted to tell her something. Pandit ji asks what did you see in the dream. Lakshmi says Rishi was going away from me and I told him everything, but he didn’t listen to me. Neelam says why you didn’t tell me and scolds her. She says if anything wrong is going to happen with Rishi.

Kiran says what do you think that I will let you what you wanted to.. Malishka says you went to Maasi’s house as she was unwell. Kiran says I know that you wanted me to go far from you, and says I am not your dad who left you, and says I can’t leave you alone in this time. She says people gets depressed and lonely. She says your Maasi lie was caught and asks her to come inside. Malishka thinks Mom don’t know about my plans. Kiran drinks water. Malishka asks her to leave her alone today, and asks her to go. Kiran asks what has happened? Pandit ji comes there and knocks on the door. Kiran greets him and looks surprised seeing him there. Malishka says I have kept puja at home. Kiran says you can’t wear saree without my help. Malishka says she was scared and kept puja for peace. Kiran says I understand and will not say anything. She says I will correct your saree. Malishka says I will check online and do, and goes. Malishka thinks she will marry Rishi today.

Neelam asks why did you let him go alone, if you know about the danger. Rishi says I can’t read his kundali now. Neelam asks what will happen now. Pandit ji says I have to go. Lakshmi asks him to say what is written in Rishi’s kundali and says she will do anything for him. Pandit ji asks didn’t you know?

Precap: Neelam says if anything happens to my son, then Lakshmi will be responsible. Lakshmi thinks to bring Rishi safely home. Neelam says my son can’t go against me. Virender says if he goes then? Lakshmi reaches Malishka’s house and sees Rishi taking rounds with her. She gets shattered and shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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