Bhagya Lakshmi 4th March 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shalu telling Lakshmi that they are in the hospital. Principal asks what happeend to Lakshmi. Shalu says Di remembered her Rohan seeing this Rohan, I had told you earlier. Lakshmi cries and asks Rohan not to tell this again, and says I will take you home. She says you are like Paro to me, you are my responsibility, my son and I will not let anything happen to you. She says I will talk to Doctor and will take you home. Rohan says you are really good, teacher. He hugs her. Song plays….Paro comes out of school with the Peon to buy notebooks. She sees something on the road and thinks where to keep. She sees Siddharth with a guy and taking something. She thinks he might be buying something like shown in films. Siddharth sees her and tells the guy. The guy looks at her angrily and she runs away from there. The guy tells Siddharth that he should have scared her.

Paro goes to a guy and asks him to give the phone. The guy doesn’t give her phone. She asks the lady and calls Police. She thinks they might escape and ties Siddharth’s foot. The Police comes there and asks who has called Police. Paro says she has called and tells they were having drugs. The Police catches Siddharth and his friend, just as they try to flee. Siddharth gets angry at her. Everyone appreciates Paro. The Police takes Siddharth and his friend from there. Peon tells Paro that she is small and shall not mess with such people, as there must be danger to her life. He takes her to school.

Lakshmi brings Rohan back home. Shalu asks Lakshmi if she talked to Paro. Lakshmi says no. Rohan says she must be fine, I asked Dad to take care of my sister. Paro asks watchman to give his phone to her, and calls Rishi. Rishi picks the call. Paro asks him to come and take her from there now itself. Rishi comes to the school and picks her. He says you should have called me some time before, and asks if I can stay with you in you house. She says she is afraid of Siddharth. Rishi says you can stay with us, and recalls Lakshmi’s words. They come home.

Paro asks if Rohan stays in this big house. Rishi says yes, with all the family. Lakshmi thinks of her son Rohan and cries. Rishi takes Paro to Rohan’s room. Paro gets happy and kisses on his cheeks. He asks her to sleep. She gets up and jumps on the bed. She thinks to drink water and goes to the kitchen. Lakshmi thinks why God snatched her Rohan from her. Paro drinks water and thinksto take an apple. She throws the apple and it falls under the table. She gets the roller to take out the apple. Neelam comes to the kitchen to drink water.

Paro takes out the apple and sees the reflection on the ground. She thinks the thief must have come there. She thinks what to do? Lakshmi says where did Rohan go? Rohan says I am with you and will not go far from you. He says whenever Dad is upset, I hug him and says there is a magic in my hug. He hugs her and says you have become happy. He asks why you are awake? He says he had slept and then thought someone is calling him, so woke up. He says we shall sit here for sometime. Paro comes to hit the thief, and sees Neelam. She asks if she is thief. Neelam asks how did she come here? Paro says she is brought here by someone. Neelam gets angry. Paro asks her to see the horns on her head. Neelam gets upset and thinks to teach her a lesson.

Precap: Ayush and Rishi see Paro doing puja like Lakshmi would do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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