BhagyaLakshmi 24th May 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Malishka running into Vikrant. Vikrant apologises to Malishka and asks Malishka if she is fine. Malishka says yes. Vikrant asks if she chose any jewellery. Malishka says Rishi is choosing for her. Vikrant praises Rishi and says he is a really great guy. Malishka agrees with Vikrant. Vikrant talks about Rishi and Lakshmi getting divorced. Vikrant and Malishka later leave from there.

The saleswoman shows Rishi and Lakshmi the mangalsutra. The saleswoman asks Rishi to wear this Mangalsutra to Lakshmi. Rishi at the saleswoman’s insistence wears Mangalsutra to Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Rishi why did he wear the Mangalsutra to her? Rishi says he did it at the saleswoman’s insistence. Lakshmi makes a comment on what he said and tries to take off the Mangalsutra. Lakshmi sees Malishka and Vikrant coming towards them. Lakshmi takes Rishi away and hides from them.

Rishi asks Lakshmi why did she bring him here? Lakshmi says she wants to hide him so that he will not be scolded for what he did. Rishi asks Lakshmi why is she thinking like that? Lakshmi argues with Rishi and says Vikrant might misunderstand that he has some feelings for her. Rishi makes a comment on what she said. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he wore this Mangalsutra because he feels something for her. Rishi says he wore this Mangalsutra to Lakshmi at the Saleswoman’s insistence. Lakshmi makes a comment and tries to take off the Mangalsutra.

Neelam gets worried for Rishi as he always goes to Lakshmi due to a coincidence or another reason. Malishka and Vikrant search for Rishi and Lakshmi.

Lakshmi tries to take off her Mangalsutra. Rishi sees Vikrant in the reflection and hugs Lakshmi. Vikrant searches for Lakshmi. Karishma calls Malishka to find out where is Rishi. Malishka doesn’t attend the call. Malishka asks the saleswoman about where are Rishi and Lakshmi. The saleswoman says she doesn’t know.

Vikrant gets a phone call and he gets angry as the person keeps calling him again and again. Vikrant cuts the call. Vikrant runs into a salesman and he gets angry at him. Vikrant shouts at the salesman for running into him. The shop owner scolds the salesman and sends him away. The shop owner apologises to Vikrant.

Ayush and Shalu see Vikrant shouting at the salesman for running into him. Ayush and Shalu suspect Vikrant and think what is his true face? Rishi also comments on Vikrant shouting at others. Lakshmi defends Vikrant. Lakshmi and Rishi argue till how long they will stay here.

Saloni and Anjana talk about Vikrant getting angry. Vikrant comes to Saloni and Anjana. Saloni and Anjana show the Mangalsutra that they selected. Vikrant say he likes Anjana’s Mangalsutra.

Malishka attends Karishma’s call. Karishma asks Malishka where is Rishi and asks Malishka if Rishi is with Lakshmi. Malishka says yes. Karishma asks Malishka what happened. Malishka says the shop that Vikrant and Lakshmi were going to has been closed so they changed their plan and came here. Karishma tells Neelam about it. Neelam thinks her assumption was right.

Episode ends.

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