Bhagyalakshmi 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Malishka attempting to call Rishi, but initially receiving no response. Eventually, Rishi does answer Malishka’s call. He urges her to take care of Neelam. Perplexed, Malishka inquires about the meaning behind Rishi’s words. Harleen and Neelam grab hold of the phone from Malishka, hoping to speak with Rishi. Neelam expresses concern for Virendra’s well-being. Rishi remains silent. Ayush intervenes and takes the phone from Rishi. Ayush engages in a conversation with Neelam, encouraging her to remain strong. Eventually, Ayush discloses the devastating news that Virendra and Lakshmi were involved in an accident. In shock, Neelam asks about Virendra’s condition. Ayush sadly confirms that Virendra is injured and currently hospitalized. He further reveals that Virendra fell off a cliff. Neelam is left heartbroken upon hearing this news.

Malishka retrieves the phone and questions Ayush about what he told Neelam. Ayush informs her that Virendra and Lakshmi were in an accident. Finally, Malishka informs the Oberoi family about Virendra and Lakshmi’s accident.

Neelam is under the impression that Virendra has never experienced such a serious accident before. Harleen and Karishma offer their support to Neelam and accompany her to the hospital. Kiran expresses to Malishka that the occurrence is unjust.

Ayush contacts Shalu and discloses that Virendra and Lakshmi have been involved in an accident. Shalu and Bani rush to the hospital upon hearing the news.

Rishi anxiously awaits the doctors’ update, hoping to hear that Virendra is out of danger. The Oberoi family arrives at the hospital.

Neelam reminds Rishi of his promise to bring Lakshmi and Virendra back unharmed. She questions Rishi about how the accident could have occurred under his watch. Harleen asks Rishi and Ayush for updates on Virendra’s condition. Ayush informs them that Virendra is undergoing surgery. Neelam expresses her concern for Virendra.

The doctor emerges from Lakshmi’s room. Rishi and Ayush approach the doctor to inquire about Lakshmi’s condition. The doctor reassures them that Lakshmi is completely fine, having only lost consciousness.

Rishi and Ayush express their gratitude to the doctor, showing their appreciation for his efforts. Harleen learns from Rishi and Ayush that Lakshmi is safe, which brings her relief. Malishka, on the other hand, believes that even if Lakshmi survives, she will not pose a threat to Rishi and Malishka’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Neelam is deeply concerned about Virendra’s condition. The doctor finally emerges from the operation theatre, and the Oberoi family bombard him with questions about Virendra’s health. The doctor shares that Virendra has sustained a severe head injury, and the medical team is doing everything they can to save him. However, he also reveals that if Virendra does not regain consciousness within a few hours, he may be at risk of being brain dead or falling into a coma.

In the midst of all this, Lakshmi wakes up from her unconscious state and regains her mental stability. She asks the nurse about Virendra, expressing her concern for him. The nurse reassures Lakshmi that Virendra is receiving treatment and advises her to rest while the effects of the medication wear off. Unfortunately, Lakshmi’s attempt to approach Virendra is hindered by dizziness caused by the medicine.

The nurse instructs Lakshmi to rest until the effects of the medicine wear off and informs her that she cannot visit Virendra in the ICU.

Neelam pleads with the doctor to do whatever it takes to save Virendra. The doctor reassures her that he is receiving the best treatment. Abhay suggests calling doctors from the US, but the doctor explains that it is their choice and assures them that they are providing the best care. Neelam asks if they can visit Virendra, to which the doctor replies that they can see him once he is moved to the ICU.

Neelam seeks solace in prayer, asking for the Goddess to ensure Virendra’s well-being.

Shalu and Bani approach Ayush, questioning how all this happened. Karishma blames Lakshmi for the situation. Ayush intervenes, asking Karishma to calm down and leads her away.

Malishka expresses her concern to Abhay, stating that even if Lakshmi wakes up, the Oberoi family will still hold her responsible. She reminds him of Karishma’s accusations against Lakshmi.


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