Chashni : Raunaq Cheers up Chandni ; Nirbhay – Roshni’s Romance !

The Episode starts with Roshni coming to meet Nirbhay. He whistles seeing her. She runs to her. Bulaave tujhe…plays… He gives her a rose. He shows the marriage proposal decorations to her. She hugs him and smiles. Chandni is on the way. Roshni asks what’s all this. Nirbhay says I was waiting for a perfect time, I thought to propose today.

Chandni sees the auto and says Roshni had come in this auto. Nirbhay says I won’t let you get away from me, tell me Roshni, will you marry me. Roshni laughs. Chandni comes there and sees them. She calls out Roshni.

Roshni introduces Nirbhay. She says he had helped us in the hospital. Chandni asks did you come to meet him. He says I was going to attend a wedding with my friends, I was asking her about her dad. Chandni says I know you can never lie to me. Roshni hugs her.

Chandni thanks Nirbhay. She goes. She gets a call and asks what, I m coming. Dadi and Nani worry that Sanjay has run away. Roshni picks the ring box. Nirbhay says I got it for you. They hug.

She says I will wear it when I tell Chandni about us. He says if she doesn’t like.. She says don’t say that, my happiness matters a lot to her, once your finances gets better, I will tell Chandni that I love you and want to marry you. He says I get worried about the pub loan, but don’t worry, I will manage.

Chandni comes to fire station and sees Sanjay. Sanjay pours water at them. Chandni asks him to calm down. He says kids are stuck in the fire, call Vikas, he has trapped me, I will not leave him.

Chandni says kids will get safe, stop. Sanjay pushes her. She falls. He says I have to meet Chandni and Roshni. Chandni says your family has come back, they are waiting at home. Manav stops Tarun. Chandni signs Manav to thank.

Sanjay says I have to meet my daughters, are they fine. Chandni says yes. She takes Sanjay home. Goons come to threaten Nirbhay. They catch Nirbhay and Roshni. Nirbhay says nothing will happen.

The man scolds him and asks him to pay the loan. He points gun at his head and threatens him. He says you know Sumer Babbar, you have to return 2.5 crores to him. He asks Roshni to explain Nirbhay. The goons leave. Roshni hugs Nirbhay and cries. Nani says I told you not to get Sanjay back into our lives, see what happened now.

Chandni says I m fine, I will take care of him, where is Roshni. Nirbhay says I will pay the loan. Roshni asks how will you pay the loan in 15 days, tell me, what will you do, its about our future, do something, I don’t want to lose you. He asks her not to worry and hugs her.

Senior asks Manav how can you let Sanjay ruin the fire station office. Tarun says Sanjay had created much drama, Manav didn’t let me stop him. Manav defends Chandni. Senior says Chandni has to clean this mess.

Chandni hears them. She apologizes and says I will clean this and not give you a chance to complain again. Manav signs her and goes. Tarun asks her to start cleaning.

Roshni cooks food. She says I have to tell Chandni about Nirbhay. She makes kachoris for Chandni. She says I m sure Chandni will agree, Nirbhay had helped us. Dadi says Sanjay is sleeping. Chandni comes home. Roshni asks her to have kachoris. Chandni says I will change and come, I m tired. She goes. Roshni thinks I will talk to her later.

Raunaq comes and hears Nani blaming Sanjay for Chandni’s troubles. Chandni recalls Sanjay. She gets a kite and reads the funny poetry. Raunaq comes and says I m flying the kites with kids. He jokes and cheers her. He tries to fly a kite. She flies the kite well and smiles. He smiles seeing her. She tells what Sanjay used to say. Raunaq says right, kite flies high when the wind direction is right.

Vikas gets attacked by Sanjay. Roshni says sorry and hugs Nirbhay. Vikas says I will keep my son away from Sanjay’s daughters. Chandni doubts Nirbhay. Roshni calls it enough and says I love Nirbhay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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