Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra Aur Preesha ki Romantic Night Out !

Preesha buys dresses for herself and a tuxedo for Rudra at a boutique and seeing GPS there shopping sari thinks he is buying sari for amma/Vasu. Salesman interferes her. GPS leaves by then. She thinks she will ask amma if she liked appa’s gifted sari. Rudra records Janam Janam Saath Chalna yuhin.. song in Param’s studio. Param praises his voice and asks if he is happy due to his last night’s date with Preesha, he will plan more if Rudra can sing so well again.

Rudra says his plan failed as Preesha is allergic to flowers which Param put on bed. Param apologizes and asks why is he happy then. Rudra says Preesha has planned a surprise for him tonight. Preesha messages him to wear her gifted tuxedo and reach Paradise Blake Hotel in the evening. Rudra happily informs Param same and leaves.

Rudra reaches hotel where waiter informs him that madam is waiting for him in hotel’s bar. He notices a western dress clad woman and thinks Preesha doesn’t wear western dresses. He questions waiter again who points at Preesha. He then nervously walks to Preesha and nervously calls her. She turns, and he is amazed seeing her in western outfit. She says she is Isha. He says he is Rudie Rudraksh then. She orders drinks for them. He says she never drinks. She says its for him. He says if he knew she can plan such a good surprise, he would have asked her to plan it. She lures him with her moves, asks him to reach hotel room in 5 min, and walks away giving him a flying kiss. His fans click pics with him. He thinks he will spend a quality romantic time with his wifey today and walks towards room.

Preesha makes arrangements in hotel room and plans a lusty pose for Rudra. Haan Haseen Bangaye.. song plays in the background. She hears footsteps and waits for him on bed. An alcoholic man enters room and getting tempted seeing her on bed removing his pant rushes to her. She welcomes him and asks if he liked her surprise. He says a lot. She asks if he is Rudie. He says he can become anything for her. She turns and shouts seeing him. Rudra enters another room and hearing shower sound asks her to come out and show her jalwa. He jumps on bed and thinks why didn’t Preesha decorate room for suhagraat.

An old lady walks out of bathroom. He says he was waiting for her since long. She says even she was. He shouts in shock seeing an old woman. She asks if he is rockstar Rudra and jumps on him. He runs away. Preesha also runs away from man and he runs behind her. She runs out of room. Rudra notices her and hiding behind her tells lady that he was searching his wife and came into her room by mistake.

Lady identifies man as her husband and drags him to her room. Rudra asks Preesha why did she give him wrong room key and realizes it got exchanged in bar. Preesha says let us go home as her mood is off now. While driving home, they decide not to try too hard for suhagraat and lets go with the flow.

Precap: Vasu doubts GPS when he leaves home at midnight after speaking to someone and reaches Subbu’s house to catch him red handed. Preesha notices GPS in a hotel and calls him. GPS asks her to inform Vasu that he is with Subbu. Preesha confronts him for lying.

Update Credit to: MA

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