Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Goenka’s Love Abhimanyu !

Akshu and Aarohi hugging Dadi and Suwarna. Dadi says we know how you both are enjoying here, make me meet your new friends. Neil introduces himself. He says I m Vansh’s friend Neil, Abhimanyu is my brother. Abhimanyu greets them. Dadi says my memory isn’t weak, you remember, you fell down in the hospital because of me. He recalls. Dadi says I didn’t see your face, you were falling on Akshu, I can see you well, you look like a hero. She wards off his bad sight. Suwarna says he will run away.

Dadi says you didn’t take money from me that day, I m warding off the bad sight. Abhimanyu asks her to sit. They all sit. Akshu gets up. Kairav says sit and have some food. They talk about visiting the wish well. Suwarna says I would have said yes to Manjiri if call connected now. Dadi says yes, why not, Akshu and Abhimanyu look Ram and Sita, keep trying. Mahima thinks of Manjiri’s words. She calls her manager and asks for Akshu. Vansh and Kairav ask Dadi to take some rest. Dadi says I will come later and meet you. She asks Abhimanyu and Neil to come to their house on Diwali. Akshu thinks of her promise. Neil says she is funny, she will not spare Tau ji and Tai ji. He goes on a call.

Abhimanyu thinks how shall I tell you my feelings and know your feelings. Akshu thinks I want to stay back, but I will go, I promised Aarohi. Akshu gets a call from NGO. The lady says Mahima wants to meet you and give you a special project, can you come to meet her. Akshu runs. Abhimanyu follows her. She prays. She says I don’t want to leave the job, I want to stay here with family, why did I meet this Abhimanyu, what’s his relation with me, what shall I do. Kairav says maybe Akshu is upstairs. Vansh asks Aarohi to go and find Akshu.

Aarohi says she would be singing around. She goes. Akshu says I promised Aaru, I have to go, first Aarohi’s happiness and then mine. She gets breathless. Abhimanyu sees her and says look at her, you have to sing, everything will get fine, try to sing. She falls over him. Aarohi asks where is Abhimanyu. Neil says you will never get him. She goes. He says she is a doctor, but her sister is better. Abhimanyu hums the song. Akshu feels better and also hums. She gets okay and sings the song. He asks how are you feeling okay, are you feeling better. She says I m fine, thanks. He asks what happened to you, how did you get such a panic attack, tell me, what’s bothering you, how will I solve it if you don’t tell me. She says I will go home. He says we all will go back home, why are you emotional. She says you won’t understand. He says I will understand if you explain. Aarohi comes and looks on.

She thinks Akshu got an attack again because sh has to go, if Abhi knows the reason, then I will become wrong in his eyes. Aarohi asks are you fine. He says she isn’t fine, you should know it.

Aarohi says share the problem with me, I m your sister. Akshu says you know it. He asks Aarohi to tell him. Aarohi says stop it now, don’t take it seriously, I just had a bet and fooled her, don’t take tension now. Akshu asks really. Aarohi says yes, you aren’t going anywhere. Akshu smiles. Aarohi says you are my sister. They hug. Akshu thanks Lord. He says excellent job, Aarohi, look at her, you did what I couldn’t do. He congratulates Aarohi and says you will become a talented doctor. Akshu hugs Aarohi. They fall towards Abhimanyu. He says its okay. Aarohi asks them to come. She goes. Akshu says thanks doctor. He asks her not to go.

Akshu smiles and runs away. He thinks I will make a wish to get you, will you love me as much as you love your family and sister. Akshu hugs Aarohi and says I m happy that it was just a prank, I love you. Suwarna says we will tell everyone about Akshu and Abhimanyu’s relation. Dadi says yes, Kairav was also asking me, he cares for his sisters. Akshu and Aarohi come. Aarohi asks Suwarna to make her ready, she should look the most beautiful. Suwarna says you never said this, what’s the matter.

Aarohi says Abhimanyu is also coming, he will feel bad if we get late. Dadi says you will get whatever you wish at the wish well, pray for getting a nice guy. Akshu says yes, your word can get true. Abhimanyu waits for Akshu. She comes with the family. He holds her. She smiles. Tu meri adhuri….plays… He imagines this. Neil says what a place, you all have also come. Vansh says we are fine, your face is glowing. Aarohi says you look excited to make a wish. Abhimanyu says I don’t believe much. Dadi says its about belief. Suwarna says everyone will make a wish now, make a wish with a true heart. Abhimanyu sees Akshu.

Manjiri says make a video call to her. Abhimanyu says I don’t have the number. Dadi says the guy is really good. Manjiri says he wants Aarohi’s number. Neil gives the number. Abhimanyu calls Aarohi. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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