Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Chavan’s Ask Virat to Leave House !

Ashwini asks Virat to leave Chavan Nivas. Bhavani scolds her to stop talking nonsense. Virat feels disheartened and tells Ashwini if she hates him so much, she would have told him to leave the house; he knows Sai is hurt with his act and its not her mistake, but he is happy that his family thinks like him and wants Sai to stay back.

Sai says it doesn’t matter what he thinks, she will not stay here as she doesn’t like Virat leaving his own house. Pakhi hopes Sai leaves. Ninad says he doesn’t want other sons to follow Virat’s wrong path, so he wants Virat to leave. Virat thinks his parents are misunderstanding him and says when his family doesn’t trust him, its better he leaves.

Mohit asks him to divorce Sai before leaving this house. Virat shouts at Mohit. Ninad says Mohit is right as they will keep Sai as their daughter and get her married to a good man. Sonali warns Virat to stop yelling at Mohit. Mohit says let it go. Bhavani warns Ninad that she will not let Virat divorce Sai as divorce never happened in this house before.

Samrat asks Virat if he wants to be with Sai and Shruti. Virat says he will divorce Sai if she wants to. Sai says she herself will prepare divorce papers and bring it to him. Bhavani yells she herself wants to step on a axe. Sai says when Virat himself is talking about divorcing her, its better she divorces him instead. Ninad and Ashwini plead him not to take a hasty decision. Omkar and Sonali yell at her.

Devi confronts Virat for troubling Sai. Sai stops her and tries to calm her down.
Pakhi yells Sai always acts as leaving home and returns when Virat convinces her and brings her back home, she should inform them if she will do same so that they don’t bother much. Sai asks why she always criticizes her, she must be happy instead. She then touches elder’s feet.

Bhavani says she will not bless her. Ashwini cries again and pleads not to go. Sai says she understands her better and knows she wants to be more strong emotionally when she meets them next time. She the takes Mansi’s blessings. Mansi asks her to call Samrat whenever she needs help. Sai then touches Sonali and Omkar’s blessings. Sonali blesses her to be happy wherever she is. Sai then suggests Mohit to be with Karishma forever and concentrate on his acting passion and his upcoming serial. She then takes Ninad and Ashwini’s blessings and asks Virat to be happy always.

Virat looks at Sai’s bags and tries to pick them. Sai stops him and returns his ring. He remembers gifting it to her and takes it with shivering hand.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that it pains when heart breaks, hurts when dreams shatter, but a person breaks down completely when his/her pride shatters; Virat broke their friendship and trust and broke her completely.

Update Credit to: MA

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