Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo thinking of Fateh. She thinks I felt Fateh was there, but no, he is in Canada. Fateh says I have to go to Rampur and return this wallet. The man says you will go to another city for giving the wallet. Fateh says yes, it has imp things, I will come by morning. The man says take the bike keys, you are doing great, some people are real in and out like you. Jasmin is with someone. The man clicks their pics. He calls out Jasmin Sandhu. He says you are from Moga college right, Miss hawa hawai. Dilraj hears Jasmin’s pic. He runs away. Satti says she created hatred in a kid’s heart as well. Bebe says forget it, she would have settled in Canada. Rupy thinks how to tell them that they are in Punjab, she would be doing something wrong. The man says you are trapping innocent people. Jasmin scolds him. She says I m just making your wife’s case strong, don’t threaten me about the police, the lawyer is paying me, he will handle my case, I have your pics, you are romancing a young hot girl, Aman Taneja, the decision is in your hands. He gives her much money. She says dream and revenge can make a person do anything, your work is done, one thing is left, you have to do this, see this pic, her name is Tejo Sandhu, people know her as Tejo Virk or Maan, she was a lecturer in Moga college, find out where is she, tell me when you find anything.

Tejo greets Riya. Riya makes a painting and says bad man is poppins, he never keeps his promise, he didn’t come from office, I got angry. Tejo says you should get angry. Riya asks did anyone promise you of icecream and didn’t fulfill. Tejo recalls Fateh. Riya asks her to say. She asks did you punish him. Tejo says no, I explained myself, why shall I spoil my mood for someone else, I cheered up myself by dancing. They dance. Angad comes. He also dances. Tejo thinks of Fateh. Babli comes and says Sir ji, she has come. Angad stops the music. He asks Riya to talk slow. He asks Tejo to take Riya to the outhouse by back stairs. Tejo asks what’s happening. He asks Babli to clean the place. Riya asks did she come to take me. She holds Tejo’s hand. Angad says just do this for Riya’s betterment, just go.

Tejo thinks who has come, that Angad isn’t letting us come in front. Angad sees the lady. He asks where is Riya. The lady says I have come to take her, where is she. He says just go, I request you to go. She calls him a murderer of Riya’s parents. Tejo asks who is that, who has come, tell me. Angad says she won’t go with you. The lady says I m her Nani. Angad says I m her Chacha, she wants to stay with me. She asks who will take care of her, you are a careless man, I will not leave her with you. She calls out Riya. She asks did you kill her too.

Angad shouts and asks her to get out. She calls the Inspector inside. Inspector says you can’t stop her from taking Riya. Angad says I can stop her. He shows the court orders and says Riya can’t go with anyone with whom she feels stressed, ask her to leave. Inspector says you can’t take the girl. The lady says ask him to return my girl. She says I will see you, Riya has lost her parents because of you, I didn’t tell this to Riya till now, I will tell her now, you are the murderer of her parents, I will take my Riya. She leaves.

Tejo sees Riya sleeping. She looks outside. She sees the lady and the police leaving. She thinks why did she get the police along. She thinks of Fateh. She thinks if they are happy in Canada, then why am I so restless. Angad comes there and looks on. He thinks I wish I could tell you everything, things aren’t so easy, I wish we were really together. He sees the ring and says I wish our relation was real, true. He leaves.

Its morning, Jasmin talks to the lawyer. He says I m sending the pic of the next person, that man is rich, he doesn’t stay in Chandigarh. Jasmin says don’t worry, I will go, I will get a big commissioner. He says sure, I will send advance for your work, I have sent the details. She says I will check. She says I want a chance to earn money. She gets shocked seeing the pic. She sees Angad in the background. She says I finally got Angad, I will find Tejo and Fateh, Fateh will be with Tejo. Fateh comes to the market. Tejo buys fruits. She feels him. Hirey moti….plays… Fateh sees someone wearing the same dupatta and goes to see. He thinks why am I thinking of Tejo, is she fine. Tejo picks the fruits. He passes by. She thinks why do I feel he is around, what’s happening with me. She goes. He thinks I have no right on Tejo’s memories, don’t think about her. Saiyyan…plays….

Fateh comes to meet Sharma. Sharma asks do you accept my offer. Fateh says yes. Tejo looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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