Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Gets Suspicious; Questions Virat

Sai asks Virat if he is hiding something from her. She notices sindhoor/vermilion on his shirt and asks how did he get it. He remembers its Shruti’s and stammering says he doesn’t know, she is not letting him rest and doubting him. She says she sensed his tension when he returned home. He says he will share it with later as there is a lot running in his mind. She cheers him up saying he can whenever he wants to as she shifted to his room now and offers him a hot tub relaxing massage like in hotel.

He says not everyone goes to hotel to enjoy and asks why she is talking about hotel at this time, he wants to rest. She says he looks disturbed and she wants to know what is going in his mind. He says he is. She says she trusts him like a true friend and is always ready to help her. He says all friends don’t help each other remembering shooting Sada. She asks if he is talking about Sada. He cries holding his head. She offers to apply pain balm. He lies on her lap. She applies balm, says aayi and Samrat dada took care of her really well in his absence, and notices him sound asleep. He wakes up worried and asks if he slept for long. She says he was in deep sleep and makes him sleep on bed comforting him.

Hotel staff insists Shruti to give her ID as her husband hasn’t returned yet. She requests to let him return. Virat wakes up crying. Sai notices him and asks if he is crying. He says lights are disturbing him. She says she will switch off lights. She asks him to have a relaxing bathe till she gets him food and goes out thinking how to comfort him. He thinks she is doing her best to comfort him, he cannot share his problems with her and soon once everything stabilizes, he will inform her everything. Shruti gets tensed when hotel staff pester her and calls Virat.

Sai brings food for Virat, notices Shruti’s missed call, and informs Virat that he is getting calls. She thinks why Shruti is calling him repeatedly and once he comes out of bathroom informs that some Shruti called him repeatedly. He gets nervous rushes towards door saying he will return after making important call. She asks if his mission didn’t end yet and goes to reheat his food.

Shruti gets tensed thinking why Virat is not picking call. Virat calls her back, and she informs that manager is insisting for ID card. Manager knocks door. Virat asks Shruti to open the door and give it to manager. She does so. He tells manager that he is stuck somewhere and will get his wife’s ID tomorrow morning. Manager says they cannot let his wife stay there without ID proof as per hotel’s policy. Virat tries to convince him at his best but fails and says he will get his wife’s ID right now.

Manager returns phone to Shruti who questions what did he say to manager. Virat says she need not worry as he is coming there right now. Sai returns and hearing his conversation asks if he is going to meet Shruti at this time. He says she shouldn’t question him. She asks if its part of his mission. He says she is just his wife and should be in her limits. She says they are bestfriends. He walks away fuming, leaving her sad. Pakhi notices her and questions. He says even Sai doesn’t know where he is going as its part of his mission and walks away warning her to mind her own business. Pakhi turns and gets tensed seeing Samrat standing.

Precap: Bhavani yells at Sai if she let Virat sleep peacefully at night or disturbed him whole night with her questions. Sai says she should question her son where was he whole night. Shruti asks Virat what will he tell his wife when she questions where was he whole night.

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