Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Savi Stops Durva’s Engagement; Bhosle’s Enraged !

Surekha and Nishikant humiliate Harini. Nishi asks if it’s her first paid program in such a big platform. Harini nods yes. Nishi says that is why she wasn’t able to sing. Surekha says she shouldn’t have dreamt so big. Harini says she understood what they mean. Surekha says it’s good that she is not like her sister. Sam with his parents drives towards Bhosale house for sakhadpura/engagement ritual and asks parents what will they say when they are asked why they are late. Mother says she will say they left according to a muhurath. Amrit says they all should say same; they are going late to avoid people; once engagement finishes, Bhosales will not cancel wedding; they will be wealthy after marriage.

Surekha offers 1 rs envelope to Harini as her remuneration for her singing and drops a coin. Harini bends to pick it. Surekha acts as blessing her and says she prays god that she gets successful soon so that she and her sister shouldn’t have to visit Bhosale house again and Savi not wander around Ishan. Savi walks to them. Surekha praises her hosting skills, performs Durva’s nazar from money, offers it to Savi as her hosting remuneration, and says it will help Savi and also get blessings for Durva.

Savi returns her money and says they eat from their hard earned money, blessings can’t be bought via money, and being Durva’s classmate, she wishes her all the best. She asks Surekha to give this money to some needy and walks towards door with Harini. Asmita insists them to have dinner and go. Savi says they need to go. Nishi tells Asmita that boy’s family has come and she should pay attention to them. Savi and Harini leave. Sam and his family walks in. Bhosales welcome them.

In auto, Harini recalls Surekha insulting her. Savi recalls seeing Samrudh’s family while passing in the corridor. She asks Harini if she noticed that boy, what is his name. Harini says his name is Samrudh. Savi says how couldn’t she sense that the boy is evil Samrudh Latkar. She asks auto driver to take them back to where he picked them. Harini recalls Surekha insulting her and stops Savi.

Ishan gives a gift to Samrudh and asks him to read a note in it. Samrudh reads that he should take good care of his sister or else he will face consequences. He promises Ishan to keep his sister happy always. Harini tells Savi that Bhosales are rich and would have done proper investigation, so they shouldn’t go interfere in their issues. Savi asks what if Isha had thought same and let her marry Samrudh. Samrudh kneels down and proposes Durva with a ring. Durva agrees. Samrudh is about to fix ring in Durva’s finger when Savi stops him and gives him a tight slap.

Surekha shouts at Savi and asks how dare she is to slap her would be SIL. Savi says she wants to beat him with her footwear. Surekha warns her to shut her up and tries to slap her. Ishan holds her hand says let’s listen to Savi first. Yashwant shouts at Ishan for opposing his family and supporting Savi.

Precap: Ishan tells Savi that he is going against his family for the first time and trusting her and if her allegations are proven wrong, his family will be defamed.
Nishi drags Savi and throws her out of the house. Ishan lifts Savi and confronts Nishi.

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