Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Chases Sada Pawde

Sadanand clashes with Virat and falls down. Virat is shocked to see his collage friend. Sada runs away. Sai shouts at Sada. Constables inform Virat that he was wanted criminal Sada Pawde. Virat runs behind him, catches him, and says he is his best friend Virat. Sada runs away seeing constables coming. Sai remembers seeing Sada’s photo and realizes he is Virat’s college friend. Virat runs behind Sada again and corners him, but he throws dust in his eyes and escapes. Sai asks Virat if he was his friend Sada. Constables ask if a terrorist is Virat’s friend. Sai says he was his college friend and not now.

Ashwini returns home with Virat and Sai. Bhavani asks if she didn’t bring diwali gifts for them. Ashwini says she couldn’t bring gifts because.. Pakhi starts spilling venom and says she did shopping for Virat and Sai and they should be happy with Sai and Virat’s happiness. Sonali yells next. Karishma sees gold box and excitedly opens it to find it empty. Pakhi seeing rings in Virat and Sai’s hands and continues her toxic comments. Virat says they coudn’t shop because of him.

Sai says Virat met with his old friend in a mall. Pakhi comments he would have gossiped with his best friend and introduced his new bestfriend to him and wasted time. Virat angrily warns her to stop and walks away fuming. Ashwini explains that Virat met his college best friend Sadanand Pawde who used to visit their home for diwali and has become a wanted terrorist now. Sonali remembers Sada visiting them last during diwali years ago. Pakhi feels guilty for hurting Virat. Sai gets a letter and smiles.

Virat speaks to commissioner over phone and informs that he didn’t know terrorist Sada is active in Nagpur. Commissioner says Sada was active in Gadchiroli and surround areas, but now with few criminals’ funding became active even in Nagpur. Virat reveals that Sada was his college best friend but parted ways due their ideological differences and criminal activities, he found about his terrorist activities during Gadchiroli posting. He feels helpless and sheds tears.

Sai walks to him. He says he connects well only with her more than anyone else. She asks not even with Sunny. He says Sunny is his best friend and always helped him, but he connects with her more than him; he saw his old friend Sada today and after finding his criminal activities realized that a criminal and a cop cannot be friends. Sai says its not his fault that Sada chose a wrong path. He says he wants to explain Sada that he is on a wrong path and try to change him. She shows him college readmission letter. He says they should go out for dinner to celebrate. She says after shopping and family’s taunts, she doesn’t have space left in her stomach, they can have green tea though at their adda tonight. He agrees. She feeds him food forcefully.

After sometime, he walks out of his room when Pakhi stops him and says she needs to talk as he ordered her not to enter his room. He confronts her for tryig to humiliate Sai always. She apologizes for talking ill about his best friend Sada. He says she always badmouths about his other best friend Sai, she hurts him when she hurts Sai. She says he is worried about his wife and best friend and not about her. He asks why she drags herself in everything. She asks why is he trying to seperate him from her.

He says they are separate. She asks what about his promises. He says they are still friends, but he cannot forgo the relationship which is built after she married Samrat; he lifted her when she met with an accident. She thinks Sai separated them even there. He says he was with her when she got nightmares about Virat, what else she wants. She thinks she wants to be with him always. He says her other wishes will never be fulfilled.

Precap: Sai during her tea party with Virat on terrace tells Virat that she can describe her and Aaba’s stories till they become old. He asks if she will be with him till their old age. She laughs and goes aside. Pakhi spies on them and gets tensed when Samrat returns and watches her spying. Sai says Pakhi was missing Samrat. Samrat asks Pakhi what was she doing here at this time and why was she going near Virat.

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