Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Gets Distant & Withdrawn ; Sai Feels Hurt

Samrat asks Pakhi where did Virat go at this time. She asks if he thinks Virat informs her whenever he goes out, he is till thinking same. He says he didn’t mean that and says let us go out on a long driver and ice cream to set things right between them. She arts and asks really? He says he will not leave house again and will be with her. Sheagrees and thinks at least for a few days he will not try to get closer to her. Virat reaches hotel and acts angry on hotel manager for troubling his wife/Shruti by asking her ID card repeatedly. He threatens to spoil hotel’s reputation in social media and will make sure nobody stays in the hotel. Manager apologizes him. Virat insists for bill. Manager requests to stay back with room upgradation. Virat relaxes and reaches Shruti’s room.

Sai complains Ashwini that Virat got angry when she questioned him and went out, she will not question him again. Virat tells Shruti that hotel manager or staff will not trouble her. She asks till when they will hide their identity, what if someone identifies him. He says he has arranged a rented flat for her from tomorrow, so she need not worry. Shruti says its not easy for a terrorist’s wife to live alone. He says she has come far away and he will help her raise her child.

Ashwini calms Sai down saying Virat is on a mission and is keeping it secret, so she should cooperate. Sai says she wants to visit college with Virat tomorrow, when will he come. Virat tells Shruti that she will go now and will return tomorrow morning. Shruti slips and feels stomach pain. Virat rushes to reception and asks manager to call doctor. Sai feels hungry and fumes that for whom she is fasting hasn’t returned at all.

She hears door knock and thinking its Virat angrily asks to come in as its his own room. Samrat enters and says looks like climate is too hot here. Sai relaxes. He offers her milkshake and says he knows she is fasting but can have liquids, so he had gone out with Pakhi and brought juice for her. She says he knows about her fast. He says whole house knows. She say whole house knows, but one for whom she is fasting is missing. Pakhi walks in and asks Samrat not to make Sai feel uncomfortable.

Sai says dada never does and its someone else’s job. Pakhi says she knows Sai is pointing at her, she doesn’t want to ask her uncomfortable questions as she also doesn’t know where Virat is. Samrat asks her how she knows Sai doesn’t know anything. Pakhi says Virat himself told that he is still on a mission and Sai doesn’t know about it. Sai taunts Pakhi, and Pakhi walks away fuming. Samrat asks if she really doesn’t know where Virat went. Sai says he went to meet some Shruti, don’t who she is.

Doctor checks Shruti and scolds Virat for not taking care of her well. She asks him to shift his wife to hospital right now. He thinks there would be police searching Shruti in hospital and requests doctor to let him shift his wife to hospital tomorrow morning. Shruit feels concerned for her baby and asks if he is doing all this to send her to jail, she doesn’t want her baby to grow in jail. He says he promised Sada to protect her and Sahas.

Shruti asks if he informed his wife where he is going. He says she just knows that he is still on a mission. She says mission in which he killed his bestfriend, she cannot trust him completely, but never saw a person like him. He stays in room remembering his and Sai’s nok jhoks. Sai thinks don’t know when will he return and smiles looking at his photo, then remembers him warning her not to call him or his seniors, and thinks she shouldn’t call him. Virat waits for her call and thinks she must be angry and wouldn’t call after his warning, thinks she must be worried for him. Sai thinks she is missing Virat a lot.

Precap: DIG visits Chavan Nivas and says he came to meet Virat as he is not picking call. Sai asks if he knows Shruti as he got her call and left home last night. Virat returns home. Bhavani asks who is Shruti. Sai says as his best friend and wife she wants to know he had gone on which official work.

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