Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo and Angad getting down the car. Tu kahaan hai….plays… She looks around. Angad gives his arm. She holds his arm and goes. Angad does poetry. He says we will get a pic, memory. She says no. He insists and she smiles. They pose for the pic. Jasmin is on the way. She says I have to reach Rampur in 2 hours. She scolds the driver. She thinks we will know if there is just Angad, or Tejo and Fateh also. Sharma and Tanya welcome Angad and Tejo. Sharma asks Tanya to stop flirting with Angad. Angad goes with Tejo. Sharma greets Varun. Angad asks Tejo to save his respect from Tanya, he is very scared of her. They meet the guests. Angad says Tejo is my fiancee, she is my fate. The drivers see Fateh and talk about him.

Nupur and Abir get engaged. Angad says our fake engagement had more fun, right. Sharma calls Fateh and says bring the mobile charge from the car. Fateh goes to the car. Tanya dances on the stage. Dekho to bholi…plays… Angad hides. Tanya goes to get him. Fateh gets the charger. He goes inside the hall. Tanya pushes Tejo on the dance floor. Sharma pushes Angad. Fateh walks in. Tejo turns around.

Angad dances with Tejo. Fateh comes there and gets shocked seeing them. He steps back. He recalls the dress. Sharma and Tanya also dance with them. Fateh collides with someone and says sorry. He hides. Fateh recalls dancing with Tejo, and cries. He wipes his tears and smiles. Sharma sees Fateh and gives his phone. He says charge my phone, inform me about the incoming call. Fateh says sure. Jasmin asks driver why did he stop the car. Driver says give me ten mins, I have to take medicines for high bp, I will have food and come. He goes to get tea. She shouts. She finds the car key. She says now get the bp high. She drives off. The driver shouts. Fateh sees Tejo. Tanya comes and asks what are you doing here, are you finding me, no, then who. He says no, Sharma Sir gave me phone to charge. She holds his collar. She says Sir is waiting for you. She scolds him and laughs. She says you got nervous, how cute, go and get wine for me, quick. He asks red or white. She says impressive, you are a driver, but you know about wine, I like white, o. He goes. She says there is something, I bet, he isn’t a driver, then who is he. Jasmin talks to Sweety. She says driver got me late, I will reach there in an hour, I will find out if Tejo and Angad are alone, or is Fateh with them. Fateh collides with someone again. He goes to the bar and asks for white wine. Tejo asks for water. Angad goes to get water. Fateh sees him and turns away. He takes the drink. Angad stops him. He takes the water glass. Fateh goes. Angad gets water for Tejo. She drinks. Jasmin is still on the way. Tejo and Angad are still dancing. Fateh gives the phone to Sharma and leaves. Tejo looks around.

Fateh recalls Tejo. He washes his face. He says Tejo is happy with Angad, I should go away. Angad gets apple juice for Tejo. She says its tough to live a false life. He says yes, at least smile for my sake. Jasmin says I have reached now, I will see you all now. Angad asks did you get Jasmin from any orphanage, she doesn’t seem to be your sister, really. Jasmin reaches and parks the car. She goes. Fateh asks till when will this party go on. Jasmin turns to see. She says Fateh…. Fateh turns and sees her.

Angad and Tejo are close. Jasmin enters their house. She hides. Angad plays with Tejo and Riya. He sees someone hiding and goes to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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