Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Lashes Out at Bhavani Kaku ; Takes a Stand for Sai !

Bhavani cuts Savi’s hair as per a ritual. Ashwini says she will drop the hair in a lake. Bhavani says she herself will. Harini says how did Bhavani’s behavior towards Savi overnight. Sai stops Bhavani and says she iwll immerse hair in lake. Bhavani gets adamant and asks why is she acting stubborn. Sai says she is acting stubborn instead and asks if she has some other intention.

Sonali tells Omkar that Bhavani must be taking Savi’s hair to perform black magic on her. Karishma says Bhavani wants to perform Savi’s hair DNA test. Sai says Karishma is right, she should have realized it earlier and stopped Bhavani from taking Savi’s hair. Bhavani says Sai hasn’t changed since years and is still an arrogant and mannerless woman. Sai says even Bhavani hasn’t changed in years.

Virat asks Bhavani to give the hair to him. Bhavani refuses. Sai says she will not as she wants to perform Savi’s DNA test. Bhavani agrees and says she doesn’t want someone else’s blood mixed in her family and will not accept Savi if she is not Virat’s daughter. Virat gets angry on her and warns her stop her atrocities. He says she ruined Devi’s life and left her mentally imbalanced, does she want even him to lose his mental balance. He picks a vase to break his own head. Family stops him.

Virat says Bhavani knows that Sai never lies and a mother always knows who the father of her baby is, his heart knows knows that Savi is his daughter. He gives her oath to never question Savi’s lineage again. He says she knows how his condition was when Sai left her with Vinayak; Vinayak from orphanage lit a ray of hope in his life and started living again, he will die if Savi goes away from his life and can never be saved. Bhavani promises to never question about Savi’s lineage.

Virat tghen asks Bhavani to apologize his daughter’s mother/Sai. Bhavani refuses to apologize Sai. She says Virat is her son and she cares for him, but she will not apologize jungli mulgi at any cost. Virat says being a woman, she humiliated another woman and hence should apologize. Bhavani says Sai is a disgrace to their family and wouldn’t apologize her at any cost; Virat made a big mistake by letting Sai in his house again and today is making a much bigger mistake.

She walks away throwing Savi’s hair on floor. Sai thanks Ashwini for honoring her and her daughter, they will go now. Ashwini says its not right to let the family daughter leave from home hungry. Virat requests Sai to stay back. Sai says she will wait till Savi finishes food. Ninad asks if she will not have food with them. Sai says she detected herself from this house years ago and came here just for Savi.


Ashwini makes Savi have lunch with family and offers her special thali. Savi asks what about Vinu dada. Pakhi brings thali for Vinayak. Ashwini feeds Savi. Virat feeds her next and ignores Vinayak’s request. Vinayak feels sad. Pakhi serves him. Savi asks Sai to have food with her as she can’t have food without her. Vinayak asks Harini to click their pics. Ninad asks Sai to accept children’s request and have food. Virat also insists followed by Savi again. Sai agrees. Virat looks at Mohit who leaves his seat for Sai. Savi asks Virat and Sai to have food from same thali and says she, Vinu, Sai, and Virat are a family and should share same thali. Virat and Sai look at each other’s face.

Precap: Virat gets Savi’s admission in Vinayak’s school and says he hired a tutor for Savi’s school admission interview. Sai asks if he thinks she can’t teach her daughter for interview and challenges to arrange interview tomorrow.

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