Imlie : Imlie in Aryan’s Home

Imlie tells Aryan that she cleaned his car bright like her future. A bird shits on the car. He asks how will she fulfill her dreams when a bird broke her courage. Imlie says she used to make toys at the age of playing with them, he should not make a mistake of considering her and her dreams small, she can bring a storm like a small butterfly does. He asks her to stop talking and clean car and picks his mother’s call. Aryan’s employee asks Imlie to clean the car properly. She yells at him and shoos him away. Mother asks Aryan to bring pooja items as she arranged pooja in the evening. He asks not to involve him in all that as he is not interested. She hopes there should be someone who will bring back his interest in life. Imlie faints and falls inside the car. Aryan thinks escaped leaving her work unfinished and drives his car away.

Aparna finishes weaving sweater for Imlie. Family praises her. Sundar serves tea. Harish praises his tea and says earlier it used to smell kerosene. Sundar says Imlie called and informed him ingredients to add. Pankaj says their life is tasteless without Imlie. Malini hearing that how can one be so important just by adding cardamom in tea, they used to pray Imlie when she was here and now singing sad songs for her. Adi returns home. Nishant asks him to join them for tea. Adi says he is not in mood. Nishant sees medicines in his hands. Adi says these are for Imlie. Aparna asks if he met Imlie. He says she joined his news paper as an interned, hired by his new boss, was having cold and hence he thought of giving her medicine. Rupali says he came at the right time as they were going to meet Imlie to celebrate with her. Adi says she is neither in hostel or office. Malini thinks its the right time to speak against Imlie and says his students told Imlie left with his new friend in his new imported car. Rupali asks what she wants to say. Malini says they shouldn’t worry so much for Imlie as she is not that innocent and made a new rich friend. Adi says money doesn’t matter to Imlie. Malini says Imlie needed support after leaving this house, she is glad that Imlie found a rich friend. Adi says Imlie left this house and not broke her relationship with him, she is his wife and he will always support her.

Aryan returns home. Mother asks if he brought pooja items. He brought it and forgot in car. Aprita says she will bring it. He says she is still weak and hence he will bring. Mother asks to stop behaving like a robotic and act like their normal self when they used to fight, laugh, and live life. Aryan says a person changes because of 3 reasons, fate, life and third one he will tell some other day. Arpita says she doesn’t have any complaint with life. Mother prays god to send real happiness in their lives.

Adi calls hostel and asks warden to inform him once Imlie returns to hostel. He gets worried for her and thinks why she stretched the issue so much. He sees Malini in his room and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to take a book in from his room and says he should understand that Imlie like every teenager loves happiness, but should have kept phone with her; she is tensed with Imlie’s behavior, but how ever she is, she is her sister; Imlie should have informed him before leaving, but must be thinking of garnering more attention by troubling them. Adi says Imlie herself is in trouble and wouldn’t think of troubling anyone. Malini says she can do anything if she can shoot her sister, anyways she will read the book and keep it back soon.

Arpita asks Aryan if he met a new person at work. He says he went to earn and not to befriend anyone. She asks why he talks so rudely and asks how was that girl/Imlie at work. He says he gave her one task and she ran away afraid. What did he ask her to do and sees Imlie unconscious in his car’s backseat. He asks how did this girl come inside his car. She checks and noticing her having fever and a wet cloth nearby scolds him for forcing Imlie to clean his clothes and asks him to lift her and take her in. He lifts Imlie and takes her in. Mother prays god to keep her children happy and send someone who can bring light in their lives. Servant drops decorative lights on Aryan and apologizes. Arpita makes Aryan rest on couch and asks servant to call doctor. Mother asks who is this girl and gets concerned seeing her having high fever. Aryan vents out his anger on Imlie. Arpita confronts him.

T family gets tensed hearing Imlie not returning to hostel yet. Malini says they are unnecessarily worried for her as she is busy with her new rich friend. T family head to hostel to meet Imlie. Back at Aryan’s house, Arpita and her mother’s conversation continues when Imlie wakes up and notices Arpita. Arpita asks how is she, they are meeting at wrong situations always. Imlie asks where is she. Arpita says at her house. Mother introduces herself as Narmada. Imlie says she is Imlie from Pagdandiya. Mother thanks her for helping her daughter. Imlie says welcome and asks what is she doing here. Mother says she fainted in her son’s car and her daughter brought her here. Arpita says he sent her brother to help Imlie and Imlie fell ill because of him. Mother says her son is hard from outside but soft from inside. Imlie says he is hard from both inside and outside and is very irritating. Mother asks if she is copying her. Imlie says her English is bad. Mother gets happy and says they will speak in English hereon. Arpita apologizes on Aryan’s behalf. Aryan enters saying no need to apologize from his side and orders servants to get back to work. Imlie murmurs Mr Nakchade Akkad Bagge.

Precap: Imlie returns to hostel. Adi walks to her. She asks not to worry about her. Aparna asks who else will then.
Aryan enters.

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