Lakshmi Bhagya Lakshmi 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shalu telling Ayush that Bani means to say that Di will go to your house. She says lets have food. Lakshmi says we shall have altogether. They all sit to have food. Rishi makes Lakshmi have food. Tere Sang Yaara song plays…..Shalu makes Ayush have the food. Ayush signs Shalu to look at Lakshmi and Rishi. Balwinder thinks his life will prosper seeing Lakshmi’s face else his life is ruined seeing Kamli. He thinks he has to do something before she goes to Rishi’s house.

Ayush comes to Doctor and asks him if Lakshmi is properly fine, as you permitted her to go home. Doctor says she is fine, but one thing needs to be told as you are from her family. Ayush looks on. Balwinder comes to the hospital. Ayush thinks if I shall tell Lakshmi and Rishi Bhai about what Doctor said. He thinks he shall not say. Rishi is taking Lakshmi home.

Balwinder thinks whatever happened to her, where did she hit her head. He thinks Ayush and Rishi are the panauti of his life and he will break their heads. Rishi takes Lakshmi from there. Balwinder gets upset. Virender tells Dadi that there is a good news. Dadi says if Lakshmi comes home, that will be good news for me. Virender says she is coming home. Dadi thanks god and says she was calling Rishi only. She asks him to sit and says she was thinking about Lakshmi.

She says she has done magic like thing on us, that we can’t live without her, what will happen when she goes away from here. Virender says even my heart gets hurt thinking what will happen if she goes. He says we can’t let injustice happen to malishka, but she can’t take place in our hearts like Lakshmi did. Dadi says she can’t be Lakshmi and wishes that Lakshmi stays in their house.

Rishi brings Lakshmi home. Neelam asks Lakshmi, how is she? Lakshmi says I am fine. Rishi says fine, and says she has risked her life to save my life, and says God forbid if anything had happened to her, then I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. He asks her to tell Lakshmi not to save him. Neelam says she will say for Rishi, and asks Lakshmi to stay away from her son, and says you save his life and becomes great. She says thank you for saving him.

Dadi comes there and hugs Lakshmi. She thanks Lakshmi for saving the family by saving Rishi. Virender says you haven’t just saved Rishi, but also his parents’ lives. Lakshmi says Bau ji, even Rishi has saved me many times. Virender says you both are same. Dadi says you both save each other lives and pray that they shall happy always. Virender asks Rishi to take Lakshmi to her room.

Neelam says I want to talk to Rishi. Lakshmi goes to room. Neelam asks Rishi, what will happen now, as Lakshmi refused for Aarav. Rishi says she didn’t refuse, but has saved Aarav’s marriage. Neelam reminds him that she has to marry Malishka in a month. Dadi asks why Neelam is in a hurry. Virender says Neelam wants to send lakshmi from here at the earliest.

Karishma comes to Lakshmi’s room and says Neelam has called matchmaker as you have lost Aarav. She asks her to guy herself and tells that whoever she choose, they will get her married to him. She then says that Pandit ji is called to talk about Malishka and Rishi’s marriage.

Rishi is hitting on the punching bag and thinks why lakshmi is not coming and talking to him. He thinks if she heard him. Ayush thinks he shall tell this to someone. Rishi comes there. Ayush says he has something to tell him and tells that don’t know if he shall tell him or not. Rishi says ok, I will go. Ayush stops him and tells that he had talked to the doctor and he said.

A fb is shown, Doctor tells Ayush that when Lakshmi had gained consciousness, she had lost her memory. She says then they gave her an injection, and tells that whatever had happened till we gave her injection, she must have forgotten everything. He says it is a temporarily memory loss. Fb ends.

Rishi asks Ayush. Ayush says it was temporarily. Rishi smiles and thinks she is not ignoring me, she has forgotten it. Ayush asks what has happened? Rishi sits and smiles.

Karishma brings matchmaker to Lakshmi’s room and says they are searching alliance for her. She asks Lakshmi to see the profiles and says I will go, else Rishi will think that I am pressurizing you. She says today will be history, as both Rishi and his ex wife’s marriages will get fixed today.

Pandit ji comes home. Neelam asks him to see Rishi and Malishka’s kundalis and take out marriage mahurat. Malishka and Kiran come there. Neelam says she has called Pandit ji to take out the date for marriage. Kiran says even she came to talk about this.

Neelam tells Malishka that she will be happy and will stay as her daughter. Karishma comes there and signs Kiran and Neelam. She tells Malishka that marriage maker have come for Lakshmi’s alliance. Malishka gets happy and thinks she shall get Rishi.

The matchmaker shows the proposals and the guy’s pics to Lakshmi and asks her to decide. Rishi comes and hears them. He calls Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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