Molkki 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Purvi stands in front of Anjali as her shield. I promise you that no one will be able to harm your baby while I am here. I will not spare anyone who tries! A guy tries to attack her but Purvi aims her trident right at his face. She scares everyone away. She keeps the trident back once everyone leaves and turns to the lady. Are you fine? Why do they want to kill your baby? Anjali removes her dupatta. Purvi is shocked to see her. Anjali hugs her and cries.

Sakshi asks Virender what they will tell Satyam’s family. What will they think after finding out that she ran away with your money and jewellery? I still don’t understand what you like about her. She is a cheater and a fraud! She ended up looting you today. What have you decided? It is good that I am still here. I am your wife, the actual Mukhiyayin. I am Renu’s Bhabhi. I will do this ritual as I cannot see anyone disrespecting you. He moves her hand away but she tells him that she is his only choice. Your Bawri has left you! Accept it as your mistake. I agree that I have made mistakes too but I was only trying to win you back. I love you today just as much as I had loved you in the past. Think about it. Hold my hand and do this ritual for Renu. She has been through a lot. What if we lose this alliance because of your stubbornness? What if she takes a step like Anjali? Hold my hand. I am your real wife after all.

Purvi makes Anjali sit. What have you done to yourself? Come to haveli with me. anjali refuses. Purvi asks her why she wont come home. How are you alive? Do you know how everyone is since they heard about your death? They will be so happy. Let me call Yogi Bhaiya. Anjali tells her not to tell anyone that she is alive. Don’t tell anyone about my pregnancy either. Purvi asks her again. She suddenly recalls Prakashi telling someone about killing the baby in someone’s womb. Was Ma saying that for you? I might be mistaken. She will never say it for you. It is her grandkid after all. Anjali tells her she did not hear anything wrong. Ma was speaking about killing my baby only. We couldn’t understand her. purvi asks her why Ma wants that. She has been praying to become a grandmother since long. Anjali agrees. Ma wants Yogi’s kid but this! Purvi asks her if this isn’t Yogi’s baby. Anjali breaks down.

Sakshi extends her hand towards Virender. Everyone must be waiting downstairs for us. Virender holds her hand reluctantly and goes downstairs with her. Sakshi smiles.

Virender lets go of Sakshi’s hand. He asks Renu if it is alright that Ma would do this ritual instead of her bhabhi. Ma and Bhabhi hold same place in our lives. Please accept this. Ma has also dreamt of your marriage. Your Bhabhi and I will do your kanyadaan. Renu nods. Prakashi is touched and readily accepts it. Sakshi looks upset. Prakashi asks Sakshi to give the ring to her. Sakshi complies. Renu and Satyam exchange rings. Satyam passes her a note while while exchanging the ring and gets confused. She reads it in a corner.

Purvi asks Anjali why she did this. Anjali says it’s been 4 years but I was not able to become a mother. Everyone would blame me that I am impotent when it is Yogi who is impotent. I knew that Yogi can never do anything that we had witnessed. I told Ma too. Purvi says it means Ma knew that I wasn’t wrong but she insulted me in front of everyone intentionally. Anjali says it was intentional. Purvi asks her why.

Flashback shows Anjali laughing in the room. Prakashi tells her she can understand what she is going through. I feel like killing Molkki! Are you mad? Why are you still laughing? Anjali says it isn’t me but you guys who are mad. What will the guy do something to the Molkki when he couldn’t do anything to me? Prakashi tells her to be quiet. How dare you blame my son? You are blaming him when it is you who cannot become a mother! Anjali tells her to be quiet. You are saying anything that you want. You have been taunting me day and night and I have been listening to you. I have supported you in everything till date but it does not mean that you will blame me. she puts Prakashi’s hand on her stomach. This is a proof that I can become a mother. I am pregnant. Prakashi asks her how could it be when Yogi has come home after so many months. Anjali shouts that she had to do it. I was tired of everyone’s taunt. I don’t lack anything. I can proudly say that I can become a mother too. This baby is not of Yogi though. Prakashi says I cannot understand what’s going on. My son returned home after months and was found in a compromising position with Molkki while you are carrying an illegitimate baby in your womb! She is about to slap Anjali but Anjali slaps her. I am not here to bear any of this. This is my baby. I wont let anyone harm my baby at any cost. Accept me and your grandkid sweetly or I will expose Yogi in front of the world. Prakashi asks her if she is challenging her. This haveli does not need this illegitimate baby! Abort it! Anjali refuses. I wont spare you if you try to harm me or my baby!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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