Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ravi thinking if there is any other way out to torture her. Commissioner knocks on the door and calls Malhar. Ravi thinks what to do? He wears Sherwani and turban. He thinks Commissioner will suspend Malhar. Malhar sits on the bed as he gains consciousness. Ravi hits the vase on his head and makes him faint again. He then ties his mouth with a cloth. He then wears the sehra and opens the door. Commissioner says Malhar, I can fire him. His wife says he will not do this, as we just met Pratiksha and she is a really nice girl, she will make your life better.

Parul comes there and asks Malhar to come, and tells that Chachi is calling them. Nupur comes to the room and asks Dipanshu and Adi what is going on , why is the former wearing Ravi’s clothes. Adi says Ravi went to Pratiksha’s marriage to take his revenge. Nupur says she will go and tell everyone, that Ravi Bhai is not here. Adi tells that Ravi was stuck as he hit Malhar and now he is unconscious. Nupur goes Bhai doesn’t have any right to punish her, as she is not yet proved guilty and Court will punish her if proven guilty. Ravi is going with Parul.

He thinks if anyone sees Malhar as the door is open. He goes back to the room. He tells that the marriage will be punishment of life for her, this will be legal marriage, but she will not be his dharam patni. He thinks he will punish her all life etc. Ravi comes out of the room. Pratiksha is with Kinjal and others, and sees him. She says if he is Ravi. Kinjal asks if you really want to marry Malhar? Pratiksha thinks why she felt he is Ravi. Kinjal and Parul bring Pratiksha. Hansa asks her to sit.

Kavya talks to her friend and tells her that she is hungry, but will not have food, until she sees Ravi’s face. She says she can do anything for him. Nupur hears her. Kavya says Ravi agreed to marry her after her suicide attempt, she shouldn’t have done it. Nupur says she came to talk to her. Adi signs her not to tell her. Nupur tells that she came to congrats her.

Pandit ji recites the mantras and asks the bride to put hand in groom’s hand. Everyone is happy. Ravi swears on agnikund that he will ruin her life. Pratiksha feels that this is not Ravi’s hand, but then thinks why she is feeling like this, when he cursed her so much. Ravi thinks you have killed my Keerti. Pratiksha thinks I wish Keerti returns and tell him that I haven’t killed her. Pandit ji asks groom to tie her mangalsutra. Hansa asks him to give. Parul wishes Ravi comes there and marries Pratiksha. Hansa goes to get the mangalsutra.

Nupur tells Adi that she won’t be quiet if Ravi doesn’t returns. Adi promises that he will return and nobody will know, though he fears Ravi will bring Pratiksha’s doli. Malhar gains consciousness and finds himself tied. He thinks today it was my marriage, mahurat must have ended. He thinks Mr. Randhawa must have thrown my Sherwani and thinks how to go out. He searches for Sherwani. He hears Hansa coming there and thinks how to go without clothes. He hides. Hansa feels someone is there.

Malhar thinks she is like his mother, he shall go infront of her. Kinjal asks the groom what you will call her. Ravi thinks murderer, witch etc. Prateik says her name is good. Kinjal asks Pratiksha what she will call him. Ravi says I will not let her call me. He worries if Hansa and Malhar called Police to get me arrested. Hansa takes the mangalsutra, when the cupboard door hits Malhar. Everyone hears Hansa shouting. Ravi thinks he can’t run as commissioner is also there.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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