Udaariyaan 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh asking Tanya to control her emotions and do her work. He says you are responsible for my brother’s death. Tanya gets the puja plate. Gurpreet hugs her and asks her to sit. Simran lights the diya. Jasmin sees Amrik and her pic. She recalls him and cries. Jasmin says I won’t cry now, your family didn’t give me the right of being your widow, I will start my new life now. Everyone prays for Amrik. Fateh recalls Amrik’s words. Satti says I will get these things donated by Jasmin, its for Amrik.

Jasmin comes and touches the things. She asks them to donate the things. She says but I m responsible for his death, if anyone dies after consuming the things I have touched. Lovely asks her why is she decked up, when her husband passed away. Jasmin says dad used to say that joy and sorrow are in heart, we had resumed normal life after Tejo left, dad had won the elections, why can’t I move on, Amrik’s family didn’t accept me as his widow, I m not a Suhaagan now, no one regards me a widow, I have decided to start a new life and become Jasmin Sandhu again, please don’t forget that Amrik didn’t die, he has become a martyr, he gave his life while saving Tejo, we should be proud of him.

Gurpreet consoles Mahi and says we have to cope up with this big sorrow. Jasmin says I m going with Sweety, you all take care. She leaves. Biji says I think she is in shock. Rupy says no, she is feeling free now. Satti says you are misunderstanding her. Rupy says be ready to see her new colour, I m glad that my Tejo has come back. Tanya gets tea for everyone. Mahi asks her to sit and have tea. Tanya says I don’t drink tea, I will make coffee for myself. Fateh comes. Biji says you liked tea a lot.

Gurpreet recalls Tejo making tea and saying I can leave anything for you. Fateh asks even me. Tejo says yes and laughs. FB ends. He says she stayed in London for six months and her habits changed. Tanya goes. Buzo takes Fateh with him and says you didn’t tell me the truth. Fateh hugs him. He says I didn’t understand what is happening and why. Buzo says I can’t believe that Amrik left us, thank God Tejo is alive. Tanya comes and says drop me to my parents’ house. Fateh nods.

Fateh says everyone would be waiting to meet her, I will drop her. Gurpreet says fine, but I will be relieved seeing you here, Amrik fulfilled his promise before going, we have done wrong with you and broke the roka in anger, but I will rectify all the mistakes, I m sorry, forgive us. Tanya says don’t say this. Gurpreet unites Tanya and Fateh’s hands. She says I had decided to get you both married. She asks Khushbeer to talk to Rupy about Fateh and Tejo’s marriage. He says even I want to see them together, I will talk to Rupy and fix the marriage date. Fateh and Tanya say no…. He says this is not the time to think of all this.

Tanya says yes, he is right. They go. Gurpreet says you can refuse but I will get this marriage done. Mahi and Simran hug her. Fateh asks Tanya not to worry, he will tell the truth to them and handle it. Tanya says better, marriage wasn’t talked about earlier. He brings her to Tejo’s house. He asks her to go in, he will call her. She says no, Tejo’s dad was looking at her, I was thinking my truth will be caught. He says they are good people, Jasmin will take you inside. He calls Jasmin. He says maybe it’s a network issue. Jasmin is at the spa with Sweety. She thanks Sweety for the chaat treat. Sweety asks are you fine.

Jasmin says you always ask the same thing, till when will I mourn for Amrik’s death, I m happy that Tejo is alive.

Tanya goes inside the house. Jasmin takes Fateh’s call. He says I just dropped Tanya home, she doesn’t even know the room. Jasmin says give me 20 mins, I m coming. She rushes. Mami comes home and hugs Tanya. She says Satti told me that you are back, thank God my Tejo is fine. Tanya thinks who is she, Jasmin didn’t tell me. Jasmin asks Sweety to pay the money. She says Fateh dropped Tejo home, Tejo needs me, I have to go. Sweety asks why, Tejo used to care for you till now. Jasmin says its imp that I stay with her, she is scared and tensed, she just got saved from murderer. Fateh sees Mami. Mami asks how did you get saved from the fire. Tanya says I got saved somehow, aunty ji. Mami asks aunty ji? Rupy and Satti look on. Fateh sees them.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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