Yeh Hai Chahatein : Aman is not the Real Killer !

The Episode starts with a girl seeing the PS and thinking that this might be the PS, and think to go and ask to help her mother. The civil officer’s son is in the car and finds the keys in the car. He thinks to drive the car, and start as the driver would do. Just as he starts the car, he sees the girl coming from the front and the boy in the car asks her to move to the side. Arjun comes there seeing the papers and saves the girl from getting hit by the car. He sees Vatsal in the car and asks him to put the brakes. Vatsal asks where is the brakes and uses the accelerator. The car speeds up. Arjun comes back to his car and starts driving. He drives fast and stops the car infront of Vatsal’s car. Kashvi sees the girl crying and asks her. The girl tells about the accident. Just then the officer comes out and asks Kashvi if she saw her son vatsal. The girl tells that the boy was about to hit me, but an uncle saved me. The officer is shocked and scolds the driver for leaving the key in the car. Arjun gets down his car and tries to open the door. He asks Vatsal to open the lock. Vatsal asks him to save him. Arjun takes the stone and breaks the glass window of the back seat. He opens the car door and then opens the front door and saves Vatsal. He takes him out to safety. Kashvi, officer, Constables and others come there. The car blasts. The officer asks his son why did he do this. His son says sorry and says he didn’t know that it was so dangerous. The officer asks him not to do it again. Kashvi says kids are scared and she takes them from there. Arjun thinks she has all the qualities of a good mother. The officer thanks Arjun for saving his son and thanks Kashvi for the care.

The girl tells Kashvi and Arjun that she came here thinking it as the PS. Kashvi says this is not PS. The girl tells about her mother Savitra whom her father used to tied and kept captive in the room. Arjun and Kashvi go there with Rucha. Arjun goes to the room and finds Savita tied just as Nisha was tied. He checks her and finds her dead. He comes out and tells Kashvi that Savita is no more. He says he has called Police and forensic team. They come there and check for the proofs. Rucha asks Kashvi to get her father punished. The NGO lady and takes Rucha with her.

Aditya comes there. Kashvi says you should have been with Sushma aunty. Aditya says duty comes first for him and says Mom is fine. He says I came to know about the case and came here. He asks what happened exactly. Arjun says Savita ji tied like Nisha used to be tied. Aditya says Aman is dead, so we can’t doubt him, so who has killed Savita. Arjun says everything will know when the forensic reports come. Aditya asks what you are doing here after the transfer. Arjun recalls and a fb is shown, The officer thanks Arjun for saving his son and the girl. Arjun says he wants to be in Faridabad for kashvi’s safety, and tells that she is in danger, and he wants to keep her safe. He asks him to let him stay in Faridabad for his love. The officer says you have saved my son, and I will stop your transfer. Fb ends. Arjun says my transfer was cancelled. Later he comes to forensic expert and the doctor tells that Savita died due to suffocation, and there is no marks of finger prints on the neck. He also suspects that the murderer is same.

Arjun brings the report to the officer (Vatsal’s dad). The officer says both reports are same. Kashvi says this means that Aman had not killed Nisha. Aditya blames Arjun for making his brother as murderer and criminal and says he has to suffer because of you. Arjun says Nisha herself told that Aman used to beat her and torture her. Aditya asks did anyone saw Aman beating Nisha. He blames Arjun and says Aman had said before his death that he didn’t kill Nisha. Arjun says he said this. He says he wants to handle this case. Aditya says no and says because of you, I shot my brother and tells that he will handle this case and will expose the real murderer. The officer gives him permission.

Precap: Arjun comes to know about the 4 murderers happening in Prayagraj. He tells Kashvi that he has to go to NGO to get sketch of Rucha’s father.

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