Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Leaves Goenka House ; Abhimanyu Heartbroken

Kairav saying we will get the tilak done, but how will they give them happiness. Akshu thinks to make everyone smile. Aarohi comes. Kairav and Vansh say we would have come to your room. She says I feel better here. Akshu gets the balloons. Everyone smiles. Akshu says we can lighten our hearts by bursting the balloons. Everyone bursts the balloons and laugh.

Aarohi recalls Abhi’s words. She also bursts the balloons. Apna ka saaya….plays…. Akshu says now the anger came out and there is a place for happiness, we will celebrate bhai dooj now. Kairav says I will get the camera. Mishta does the bhai dooj rituals with Parth, Neil and Abhi. Parth and Neil give her a gift. She looks at Abhi, sitting sad. Manjiri asks Abhi to say something, his sister will feel bad. He says I m fine, I wish Mishta stays happy. Harsh says he didn’t sleep at night. Anand says he may fall sick. Mishta asks for a gift.

She asks Abhi to smile once. Neil hugs Abhi and says please react,I m sorry, I can’t see you like this. Harsh says forget whatever happened. Manjiri says please smile. Abhi says I m fine, sorry I couldn’t get a gift, I have to go to the hospital for surgery. Harsh says this happened because of that girl, I will never forgive her. Kairav sees Akshu trying to play the guitar. He says what happened to her, she is perfect in guitar. He goes. She says I can’t sing today. He sees the burst out balloons there. He says maybe Akshu did this. He sees Abhimanyu and Akshu’s pics in the camera. He thinks of Abhimanyu and Akshu. He says they love each other. Akshu says we shall wish for our brothers, that we stay together. Aarohi says I will get the Mauli thread. Kairav recalls Akshu’s words. He says a brother gives a gift to his sister, I want to ask you something. She says tell me, I will give you. He says you go away from here. She gets shocked.

She says I know you have wished for Aarohi and my happiness, don’t worry, I will go. He hugs her and cries. Manish and Suwarna come. She asks what’s happening. Akshu says we won’t tell our personal things. Suwarna says kids get late and then tell us. Akshu asks them to come. Abhi sits sad and thinks of Akshu. Neil says a good doctor doesn’t lose hope, you lost so soon, we will try once again, get up. Abhi says her refusal has written my fate, I loved her, I got this pain as a gift, I accept my fate. Neil says I know, but miracles happen, call her one, we will convince her. Abhi says no, she has refused to my love, that’s the truth, I will live without love. He goes. Akshu and Aarohi do the tilak and aarti of Kairav and Vansh. Vansh asks Dadi to tell the story once again. Dadi tells that Yamuna and Yamraj’s sister. Akshu thinks I will keep Kairav’s words. She says this bhai dooj is special for me, I have a big news.

Aarohi thinks are Akshu and Abhi uniting. She asks are you going to shock us. Akshu says no, family comes first, I had applied for music therapy program in Pune, I got selected. Manish asks when did this happen. Akshu says I will come after some months. She asks Manish to permit her. He says go. She thanks him. She says I have to go today itself. Aarohi says its good, I mean you can go soon and come back soon.

Akshu meets the family. Dadi asks her to come home at the time of festivals. Akshu says I will try. Aarohi doesn’t hug her. She wishes her all the best. Kairav says you have taken a lot of burden already, let me take these bags. Akshu leaves. Manish says I miss Naira a lot today. Akshu thinks of Abhi. Kairav says sorry, you will get a new phone number, change the old phone number, you are going to make a new start. She nods. She cries and leaves in the cab. Soni chidiyya….plays…

Abhi beats up a man on the road. Neil calls Akshu and says its about Abhi’s life. Abhi gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena


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