Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Arohi Contacts Rudra; Abhimanyu Tensed !

The Episode starts with Abhi hiding his tablets from Akshu. It gets dark. They kiss each other and say I love you. Lights come. They all go to have food. Abhi thinks Akshu will ask me about the medicines, I can’t lie to her, I can’t let her courage break. Aarohi gets angry seeing the video. Abhi asks Akshu to sleep now. She says I don’t want to do anything, I just want you. They dance. Aapki ankhon me….plays….

Anand gets Dr. Singal’s message. He says he is coming to meet Abhi, it means something is serious, I will inform Abhi in the morning, else he will panic. Akshu hugs Abhi. They sleep. Its morning, Anand looks for some papers. He asks Mahima. She asks which papers. Neil helps Anand. Abhi looks on. Neil signs Manjiri. She asks why is Anand so worried.

Neil says its audit tomorrow, we all are not able to handle Harsh’s work. He goes. She sees Abhi there. Aarohi messages Rudra and says please reply to my messages. She recalls his words. She says maybe I get my license back, please reply.

Akshu asks what shall I wear, would this look good. She rehearses. Abhi comes and smiles. He says your voice is so sweet, why did you stop singing, when you come back from the audition, then get a digestion medicine, I will praise you a lot every day. He selects her outfit and accessories. He says don’t take stress, everything will be fine. She says I feel I m not prepared.

He asks her to relax, take a deep breath. He tells his story. She asks who motivated you. He says I have self-motivated myself. He motivates her. She thanks him. He asks her to get ready. She gets some paper. He sees the recommendation letter. He tears it and says I will just come. Aarohi gets Rudra’s reply. She jumps happily. She says you want to become a singing sensation, I won’t let this happen, Akshu. She sees Suwarna at the door.

Manjiri recalls Neil’s words. Abhi comes and says I have to take a decision, I wanted to consult with you. She asks why. Akshu looks on and nods. Aarohi asks Suwarna to leave her alone. Kairav says you did a mistake and got upset, its right attitude. She says no one understands me here. She argues with Kairav. She says I have worked hard to reach here, leave me alone. She cries and goes.


Anand says everything is ready for audit, I m going to the hospital, I have cancelled Abhi’s surgeries, I will do that or Dr. Kumar will go. Neil asks why. Anand says I will decide about the surgeries, you just see your work.

Abhi comes and says I was thinking to bring Harsh back to the hospital, I know there is much pressure on you and Neil, I spoke to mum, we will keep personal and professional things apart. Manjiri says I m ready to give the letter to the board. Anand says thanks, you relieved a big burden, Harsh will come and handle his work, we can focus on our work.

Manjiri says its okay, Neil prepare the letter that the management requires from my side. Neil goes. She asks Abhi to support Akshu, it doubles the courage. Abhi says I know, I m going there. Akshu whistles seeing Abhi and says you are a hero, you have a golden heart. Abhi sings Mera dil… He says you won’t get a panic attack, but remember, if you control that one weak moment… She says then no one can stop me from fulfilling my dreams, I can do it.

He gives her Mahadev’s blessings. He asks her to come. She says it’s a surgery day, don’t you have any surgery. He says I just have one surgery today, your audition, come. He asks shall we go for a drive today. Anand calls him and asks when are you coming to the hospital.

Abhi says its Akshu’s audition, I m not coming. Anand says Dr. Singal has come to meet you, he wants to do some tests, he is waiting, come right now. Akshu asks Abhi to go if Anand is calling. She says I swear, I will manage there. She insists him to go. He hugs her.

Abhi gets his tests done. Doctor says so sorry, his nerve is damaged, he can’t do surgeries now. Abhi falls down and cries. Akshu also falls and thinks what’s happening to me, is Abhi fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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