Anupamaa : Malvika Does Not Like Anupama, More Troubles Ahead ?

Anuj continues explaining how his parents passed away in a car accident and breaks down. He continues that his Mukku was also critical and was fighting for life in coma; life gave him the biggest sorrow of life of losing his parents and risking Mukku; he went to temples and prayed god for Mukku’s life as he didn’t know if she will be alive or not; she woke up after 14 days and was silent always as she knew their parents are dead; her silence tears his eardrums, he cannot tolerate it; he is guilty of making his younger sister lose her parents. He continues explaining his ordeal and says he hid even from Anu and is also her sinner along with Mukku. He cries vigorously leaning on her lap. Anu comforts.

Kavya also cries remembering Vanraj’s misbehavior and insisting for divorce, introducing his business Malvika, etc. Bhare Naina.. song plays in the background. Anuj falls asleep on Anu’s lap. Malvika with GK walks there and stands shocked seeing that. GK thinks he shouldn’t have brought Malvika here. Malvika wakes up Anuj. Anuj and Anupama feel awkward.

Baa tells Bapuji that Anu has gone to Anuj’s house, Anuj has his sister to take care of him, Anu has to work at office and even take care of Anuj and its not easy for her. Malvika asks Anu if she loves Anuj. Anuj says she is thinking wrong. Malvika asks if its still one way traffic then. Anuj says they are friends and it will go this way. Malvika says looking at Anu, it looks like she also loves him but is unable to express it like 70s hero. Anuj tries to stop her. Malvika asks Anu what she thinks of herself.

Samar talks about Mr Shah with Nandini. She asks why don’t he call him papa as he doesn’t deserve a pain of hearing his name from his son. He says he will try. She says one has to take action and not just try, they have to accept some relationships they way they are. He says like she accepted Kavya’s relationship. He gets romantic and says lets get married. She says if he is so eager, he should speak to his mother and fix their wedding, she can see lots of laddus breaking in his heart. He says as if she is not eager. She shies and sends him away.

Malvika tells Anu that her brother is intelligent, but weak in love. Anu nervously asks why is she saying this. Malvika laughs out loudly. GK says her pranks will give him heart attack one day. She apologizes. Anuj says she should stop her practical jokes, look at Anu’s condition. Malvika holds Anu’s hand and says lets go home as a sister can never take a friend’s place. Anu says even a friend cannot take sister’s place. Anu goes into get something. Malvika tells Anuj that she didn’t like him discussing their family issues with outsiders.

Next morning, Anu rushes into kitchen with wet hair to prepare breakfast. Her wet hair hit Anuj’s face. Anuj thinks this feeling is so good. Anu asks if he is hurt. He says he is, thinks at heart. She asks what is he doing in kitchen. He says to prepare tea and mimicking Sunil Shetty says he will not let her work alone in kitchen. Their teenage drama starts. He then asks her not to bother about Malvika’s words yesterday as she is a big kid, he knows she considers him as just friend and not love. Anu thinks a man and woman can never be friends. He apologizes and continues. She thinks he just knows to say sorry and asks him to stop, blabbers in mind again. He asks if she is angry that she is cutting onion fast. She thinks she is cutting love. He asks love? She blabbers again nervously.

She then asks about Malvika’s breakfast. He says she shouldn’t bother as he doesn’t know if her choice has changed after 10 years. Malvika walks in next and wishes them good morning. Anu asks what does she like to have in breakfast Malvika says cold coffee, bread toast, and paranthas. Anu says she will prepare it right now. Malvika takes knife from her and says she returned after many years, so she will prepare breakfast for bhai and even her. Anu smiles.

Precap: Malvika panics and breaking things around asks Anuj if everything will get normal with apology, he did same during Akshay’s time. Anuj with Anu searches her. She reaches Vanraj’s house.

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