Anupamaa : Vanraj’s Deep Game ! | Anupama Bani Anuj ki Radha

Anuj and Anupama continue to walk home enjoying each other’s company. Ghazab Ka Hai Din.. song plays in the background. He holds her hand nervously and says he doesn’t know why he held her hand but wants to walk holding it. She shyingly nod yes and walks along him. Kavya confronts Malvika for hugging Vanraj and warns her to stay away from her husband as it doesn’t happen here.

Malvika shows pic of Kavya hugging Vanraj before marriage and asks if this pic is from Hululu as colleagues don’t hug like this. She calls Kavya as didi/sister and says she is not PC/pati chor/husband thief like her. Kavya gets angry. Malvika says she will lose her beauty if she continues to fume and should get a job instead as she is an MBA graduate. Kavya gets happy and asks if she can join her company. Malvika says of course she can as its a start up company which needs work force.

Vanraj opposes and says Kavya will not get a job in his company. Kavya asks how will she get a job then. He says just like she used to force him to get a job when he was jobless, she can take care of cafeteria or search a job or whatever she wants to do, but not in his company as she will be spying him all the time instead of work.

Anuj corrects Anu’s sari pleat. Anu asks what is he doing. He says his papa used to correct maa’s sari pleads skipping even India Pakistan cricket match, he would have done same if Anu was Mukku’s bhabhi. Anu shies and blabbers in nervousness. GK hears their conversation and praises Anuj for expressing his feelings for Anu without any hesitation and repeats Anuj’s words. Anuj gets nervous and says he thought he was murmuring in his heart. GK says Anu even heard it. Anuj says he is acting SRK recently and making blunders, Anu will hit him now. GK says she didn’t, that means she liked it. Anuj gets more nervous.

Anu checks her sari pleats and thinks nobody corrected her sari pleats except Anuj till now. GK walks to her. She says she kept his lunch box, he should rest today as he was awake till late night. He asks her to say if she loves Anuj or not. She says yes. He happily dances and thanks her for giving a ray of hope to his old eyes; he was worried for Anuj and Mukku after his death, but he can die peacefully as Anu will take care of them. Anu touches his feet and takes his blessings. He asks her why don’t she marry Anuj and stay permanently in this house. She requests him not to inform Anuj about her decision and to wait for sometime till some issues are sorted out. GK agrees.

Shah family is shocked to see Baa swinging Malvika on her swinger. Baa pampers Malvika and says she has packed her tiffin. Malvika says she is so cute, they are BFF/bestfriends forever. Kavya notices them and thinks Baa is pampering Malvika as she is the real owner of Kapadia empire. Mamaji asks Baa if he can sit on her swinger. Baa warns him and says its for only BFFs. Kavya thinks she needs to send Malvika from here and should use her ace card/hukum ka ikka.

GK asks Anu why she doesn’t want to express her love for Anuj. Anu says let Anuj solve Malvika’s problem first. GK says Malvika doesn’t have problem with Anuj and Anu’s relationship and herself sought her hand from Hasmukh/Bapuji for Anuj. Anu says she will wait like Anuj waited for her for 26 years till his and Malvika’s issues are sorted out. He asks why she wants to wait for so long. She says she wants to set family issues first as its her family now;

Anuj submitted himself completely in love and never demanded his right, she wants to do same; she wants Malvika to truly accept her or else Anuj will be stuck between his sister and wife. GK asks her not to wait for long if that doesn’t happen and seeks her promise. She promises him.

Anuj notices and walks to them. Anu signals GK not to say anything. GK leaves. Anuj asks why were they looking so serious, if everything is alright. She says yes. He asks if GK said something like mukku called her bhabhi yesterday. She says he is a bholuram and says they should visit shah house and bring Mukku back home. He nods okay. She walks away smiling. He stands confused.

Precap: Malvika tells Anu that she doesn’t celebrate new year and Anuj knows that. Kavya thinks she will win Vanraj again
this new year. Vanraj prepares business presentation. Malvika says Anuj will give presentation today, irking Vanraj. Anu senses Vanraj’s anger.

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