Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shashi saying Vedika is beautiful, the costly things suit her. Vedika says so sorry, I didn’t know you picked this for Priya. Ram says no, its suiting you. Shashi says we will buy this saree for you, you have the right on the world’s every beautiful thing, like I have the right on you. They go. Meera pains the diyas. Meera says it looks lovely. Nandini and Shubham come home. They see Shivi painting the diyas. Nandini says I m seeing my daughter do this for the first time. Shivi says I m so excited to decorate the house. Nandini says you are so cute to find happiness in a bad state. Shivi says I m happy. Nandini gets the gifts. She says we have Laxmi puja, I came to invite you all, Ram has launched Shubham’s company, he will go by walk to Ganpati temple, his dad used to do this. Meera says we will come to attend the function. She gives a necklace to Sarika. She taunts Sarika about Akki. Akki comes home with many gifts. They get surprised. Everyone smiles. Shivi asks what’s all this, did you get the signing amount, congrats. Akki says I hope you like these gifts. Sarika gives the gifts to Nandini. She says my son got this for you. Nandini thanks Akki and blesses.

Shashi asks why do you want this saree, buy this later. Vedika says its beautiful. He takes her from there. Priya sees this and follows. The staff scolds her for carelessness. She thinks its a strange place, they are keeping an eye on me. Ram gets all the gifts. He says this will look beautiful on Priya, send it to the billing counter. Priya messages Ram and asks him to come outside. The man stops her and says get the bag checked. She asks why. He says its our duty, please cooperate. She asks how can you insult a customer, do anything. He holds her bag. Ram comes and stops him. He asks how dare you. The man says sorry. Ram says she is my wife, do you want to say anything. The man says I didn’t know. Ram scolds him.

He says check my wallet, I insist. He removes his coat and says check the coat pockets. He says check me physically. The man say everything is okay, sorry. Ram asks the man to check Priya’s purse. Vedika looks on. Ram scolds the man. He asks the man to apologize to Priya. The man apologizes to her. Ram says I was going to give 25 lakhs business to your boutique, now I won’t, sorry. He takes Priya with him.

He says you lecture me always, you just heard that insult, I want a stress pill. She gives him water. She says I saved your 20 lakhs, people work hard to earn that amount. He goes to take a call. She thinks there is nothing new, I don’t care if anyone judges me, I don’t visit such places, you scolded them for my sake, I didn’t feel need to say anything. The man says Ram is confessing love to his Priya. Priya hears this and goes to see. She thinks no, this can’t happen. Ram and Priya come on stage. They dance. Itni mohabbat….plays…

Everyone claps. The man asks do you accept Ram’s proposal. Ram asks what. A couple starts fighting. The guy says DJ mixed up. Ram signs Priya to come. Sara says I m so proud of you, Akki. Nandini says the saree is very nice. Shubham says yes, Akki buy a new house. Akki says yes. Shubham says take it on rent. Sarika argues. Meera asks her to go and make pakodas and juice. Nandini asks Sarika to keep the saree, she is glad that Shivi married Akki. Sarika says Akki is a hero, Shivi is stubborn, Akki will get much money, then Shivi will leave him, we should make Shivi sign a marriage contract.

Priya argues with Sarika and says Ram burnt the marriage contract. Shubham says we should trap Akki then Priya will leave Ram. Nandini sees Priya at the door.

Update Credit to: Amena

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