Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raghav pacifying Prachi. He says Pihu loves you a lot, she wants to protect you. Prachi says I will protect Pihu this time, if Mahir has the phone, he is blackmailing her then… He says don’t worry, we will handle him, they won’t get married, promise. She says you are my best friend and hugs him. He acts to keep her tear in his pocket. He gives her a tissue.

Rabba jaanta…plays… He wishes he gets her pain and she gets his happiness. He gets Josh’s message and thanks him for finding a solution. Josh says Raghav is amazing, he told me everything, what does he want, I have to find out. Raghav thinks of Prachi. He drinks Angad’s drink. Angad says wait, let me take your pic, what happened, are you drinking this for the first time.

They have a talk. Angad says I m happy for Pihu. Raghav says Pihu’s life is ruined with Mahir, Josh is a nice guy, he will keep Prachi happy. Angad asks when will you give me credit. Raghav says you have to understand girls. Brinda comes and finds them talking normally. She says I got some food, don’t finish all the bottles, control. She asks did you talk to Pihu, why is she getting engaged to Mahir. They say we won’t let her marry that donkey, chill. Brinda thinks Angad worries for Pihu, but he won’t tell her.

Mahir comes to Pihu. She asks what is it. He says your name is so pretty. She says how sweet, what are you doing here. He says we shall go on a date. She says you will get whatever you say. He says we will meet downstairs in 20mins. He goes. She says date, my foot. Prachi comes and asks are you looking for your pills, which one do you want. Pihu says I will manage.

Prachi says you should take help and not make sacrifice alone. Pihu says I need to take some rest. Prachi says you are doing this to save me, I will not let you sacrifice. She gets Raghav’s message. She goes. Mahir gets ready and waits for Pihu. Pihu comes. He asks for a date. She gives a box of healthy dates. She fools him and goes. Monica comes and scolds him. She asks him to control Pihu.

Raghav says SRK’s lines and sees Prachi. He smiles. Angad says tell me your plan. Raghav shows Mahir’s phone screen. She asks did you hack his phone. Raghav says we can share the phone screen, we can see whatever he does. She asks how did you get it. Raghav says his phone broke, he gave it to Kapil to fix it. She says I understood, this is a brilliant idea. He says its Josh’s idea. Mahir chats with his GF. They read the chats. Prachi says this is disgusting. Angad says we will use this against Mahir.

Raghav and Prachi ask Angad do you also chat on such sites. Angad says I don’t need all this to chat to girls. She says I know you aren’t interested. They all cover their eyes. Prachi asks what are they thinking. Adi asks did you think of it. Lakhan says yes, I will fund Sid. Avni comes home. Adi asks her to join them for breakfast. Monica asks what will you have. Avni says nothing, so sorry to come at this time.

Lakhan says I hope everything is all well. She says yes, I got this for Prachi, I had worn this on my marriage, I want to give it to Prachi now. She shows the necklace. Lakhan recalls his moment with Avni. Monica says our thinking matches, I also have a set which I had worn on my wedding, I also thought to give it to my bahu Pihu. Pihu comes. Mahir says our necklace is bigger than theirs. Angad calls him a loser. Prachi signs to Raghav.

Raghav goes to Mahir and blackmails him. Mama ji comes and asks what is it. He thinks Mahir will be in trouble. Raghav goes. Mama ji says go and fix it, I will handle it. Raghav signs Angad. Mahir says call Kapil. Raghav asks what, tell me. Mahir says sorry, you felt I have done this vulgar chat, your brother Kapil has done this.

Raghav scolds Mahir and says I will marry Pihu, I like her. Prachi says these bangles belong to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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