Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd March 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raghav crying and saying Prachi and Josh are perfect, I m happy. Kapil goes. Raghav says I want Prachi to smile. Prachi asks Pihu is she happy. Pihu says yes. Prachi says I m fine if you are fine. Pihu says I know, you planned to break my engagement, I want all details, its your day, I m happy, you took decision by your wish, I fully support you. Prachi smiles. Lakhan says Pihu, whatever happened, are you okay. Pihu says yes, I m okay. Prachi gets happy.

Lakhan says I know Raghav, you have made Prachi say yes, you kept your word. Prachi thinks everything happened because of Raghav, where are you Raghav. Monica asks who threatened you, tell me, Raghav? Mahir says you can’t do anything now. She scolds him. He argues with her. He says I don’t want to marry Pihu. Josh talks to his GF. Raghav says what is Josh doing here. Josh says Prachi is super rich, I m marrying her for money, she loves me and soon her family will dance on my tune, you can just get ready to spend money. He turns and sees Raghav. Raghav asks all okay.

Pihu comes to Mahir. He asks her to go, else he/Raghav will kill him. She asks what is going on, Monica had threatened me and then you cancelled the engagement, what’s the game plan. He says you had sent your BF to threaten me. She asks who. He says Raghav. She asks what. He says he said he likes you. She smiles and says Raghav likes me, but why didn’t he tell me. Prachi hears this and says Raghav likes Pihu. Josh says you like Pihu, I thought its love. Raghav says no, I just said that to scare Mahir, its just friendship. Pihu looks for Raghav. She collides with Angad. Angad says its good you didn’t marry that idiot. Raghav says I work for Lakhan, its my duty, thanks for helping Prachi and Pihu. Josh says promise me, you will tell me first whenever you fall in love. Raghav goes.

Josh thinks Raghav likes Prachi, so he put efforts to save Pihu. Pihu says you don’t marry, a girl’s life will get saved. They laugh. Brinda looks at them. She thinks Angad stays happy when he is with Pihu. She thanks him for help. She says I know you have helped me. He says its okay. She hugs him. Brinda thinks does Angad like Pihu, he was upset seeing her engagement. Raghav’s mum cares for him. She greets Josh. She asks him to eat something, she has prepared it. Josh says no thanks. Raghav says we will eat it later.

Raghav sees Prachi happy. Josh thinks she is happy seeing me. He asks do you want to talk to me. She says with Raghav, I will just come. She asks Raghav to come. Raghav says Josh felt bad, you got engaged. She says you are still my best friend, will you lie to me now, you like Pihu. He says yes. She says you have feelings for her. He says not that way, I did that for you, I had played a blind move to stop Mahir from engagement, to get some time for Angad to find proof. She says I was excited for you and Pihu, you both look good each other. She says no girl can get a good, genuine and sweet guy than you, that girl will be the luckiest. He says don’t say about Pihu and me again, I feel bad. He goes. She says what happened to him. Josh thinks he has feelings for Prachi.

Angad thinks how to handle my feelings for Pihu. Pihu thinks shall I talk to Raghav, does he like me. Raghav thinks I will protect Pihu and everyone who is special to Prachi, I love Prachi, I can do anything for your happiness. Josh sees him and thinks he likes Prachi, I will break this sensational news at the right time. Monica slaps Mahir. Pihu comes and asks what are you doing. She taunts Monica.

Pihu says I have the phone, he gave it to me, Prachi has the shagun earrings, you had tried to blackmail me. She recalls Monica showing her the earrings and threatening her about Prachi. Pihu scolds Monica and says Prachi and I went on Ram and Priya. She asks her to stop this right now. She says Raghav, Angad, Prachi and I are family, not friends, we protect each other, just stop it, I have deleted the video, you won’t hurt Prachi. She threatens Monica of exposing her. Avni says this time between engagement and marriage is perfect to know each other, create a understanding with Prachi, I will ask Raghav to help you.

Josh says bad idea. Prachi asks what. Josh says its bad idea that Raghav comes between us, he comes to help us, we are enough to know each other. Prachi agrees. Adi says I don’t agree. Brinda says I m saying the truth, Angad likes Pihu. Vikrant asks what. Pihu comes and thanks Josh. She says Prachi told me that you helped me. He says you are family now. He hugs her. He gets his GF’s message and says I will meet her. He leaves. Prachi thanks Raghav. He asks why.

She says for getting love in my love, thanks. He says its enough now. Brinda asks Adi and Vikrant to take Angad. Pihu says keep up the good work. Sara hears Pihu and smiles. Raghav says I will leave now. Lakhan asks did you have food. Raghav says yes, I think its Josh’s phone left here. Lakhan asks him to drop it at Josh’s house. Pihu thinks to talk to Raghav.

Raghav gets shocked seeing Josh with his GF. Prachi does poetry about love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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