Barrister Babu 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Anirudh and Bondita spending time with the kids. He applies colour on his face to get her attention. She asks Shashwati to clean it. Anirudh gets to see Bondita’s care. The kids laugh and say we didn’t see anything. They go. Anirudh says thanks for coming in my life and introducing these colours to me. She says thanks for giving me wings, a flight and a sky, thanks for coming in my life. She applies the colours to his face. He jokes and says Kaka…. She gets worried. He pulls her and kisses on her cheek. He says I love you Bondita. She says I love you too.

He makes arrangements for Bondita’s speech. Chandrachur wants water. He falls there and screams. Anirudh hears Chandrachur’s voice. Chandrachur says kill me. Anirudh enters the hut and sees Chandrachur tied up. He asks who kept you here. He frees Chandrachur. Chandrachur says Trilochan. Anirudh says Kaka…..

Bondita comes on the stage to give a speech. She thinks where is Anirudh. Doctor says Chandrachur has a blood loss. Anirudh asks what’s his blood group. He says I can donate my blood. The man asks Bondita to start the speech. She says I can’t start until Anirudh comes. Anirudh is at the hospital. He donates blood for Chandrachur. Chandrachur says what kind of person are you, whatever I did with you all, you should have left me to die, why are you donating me blood. Anirudh says I won’t forgive you for the crimes, but Kaka has no right to punish you, you will be serving the punishment given by law, I spoke to the inspector, he will come and take you. Chandrachur says forgive me, my thinking changed because of me, I promise, I will become a good person and come back. Anirudh thinks its time for Bondita’s speech.

Trilochan meets Batuk and smiles. Batuk hugs him. He says I m very happy seeing you all. Trilochan says men don’t cry, you are a landlord’s son, come, touch my feet. Batuk touches his feet. He says I will never forget that I m your nephew, Batuk is back, I will take all your love. They laugh.

Batuk says I couldn’t forget all you for a second, Bondita was the reason for this. Trilochan says forget it now. Batuk hugs him. Trilochan says you look like Anirudh, no one can understand you are Anirudh or Batuk. Batuk says its not Batuk, its BRC, Anirudh and I are different. Trilochan says yes, Anirudh has his principles, you don’t listen to anyone. Batuk says Anirudh loves Bondita a lot, I hate her. Trilochan asks what. Batuk asks where is Anirudh. Trilochan says he is helping her in the speech event. Batuk says we will go and meet Anirudh. Trilochan asks him to go, he has some work. Batuk says I love you and hugs him. Anirudh comes in the event. The people clap and welcome him. Bondita asks where were you. Anirudh says its not the time to know this, its time to make your words reach the people’s heart. He says sorry for coming late, Bondita is fighting a battle for women and widow’s rights. He wishes her all the best. He says you see me or not, I stay with you or not, your voice should never stop. She nods.

Bondita says if a woman is a widow, then what’s her mistake, she already lost her husband, is it right to snatch her happiness, if a woman has a baby in her womb, how does her Sasural has the right on the baby, only the mother has a child on her child, if a man can remarry after his wife’s death, even a woman can remarry after her husband’s death. Batuk comes there. He breaks the banner. Bondita says I oppose this fear today, I want you all to raise a voice and support me. She answers the people. The man says if your husband dies… Bondita asks him to shut up, what is he saying, its a wrong question. Anirudh says no question can be wrong, the answers can be tough, you tell me, will this fight be easy. Batuk says I have come to fail your success.

Update Credit to: Amena

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