Bhagya Lakshmi 28th October 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Malishka telling Lakshmi that she will snatch her mangalsutra for which she feels proud. Neelam goes to the temple and plays the shank. Malishka tries to snatch Lakshmi’s mangalsutra while the latter tries to stop her even in unconscious and critical state. She scratches on Malishka’s hand while tries to save her mangalsutra. Malishka says you are shameless to hold it in unconscious state too. Rishi takes heavy breath. Neelam asks God to make Rishi fine. Malishka says she wants her to die, and says your mangalsutra, husband and Rishi will be mine, I will snatch my Rishi from you. She pulls her mangalsutra with force while making evil face.

Lakshmi stops breathing and the machine beeps. Rishi opens his eyes, gets up and shouts Lakshmi. The truck driver tells that he has the number and asks them to not to show any smartness. Malishka says Oops and looks at Lakshmi’s mangalsutra. She sees the straight lines on the machine and says good bye Lakshmi, bye from my heart. She hears someone coming and wears mask and glasses. Nurse comes there and asks who moved her mask and asks what kind of doctor you are. Malishka makes faces.

Rishi comes out of his ward and calls Lakshmi. Dadi says you got consciousness. Rishi says he is getting strange thoughts that someone is taking her life. Karishma says she is fine, and asks him not to worry. Rishi says if you don’t want to say then I will search myself. Nurse makes Lakshmi wear the oxygen mask and asks Malishka if has any mind or not. She finds Lakshmi having no pulse, and tries to revive her. She says you have killed her.

Malishka says relax, this is her destiny. The Nurse holds her hand and tries to drag her out. Malishka fights with Nurse. Dadi tells that Lakshmi is in ICU ward no 3. Malishka attacks the nurse with sharp equipment and is about to run. She collides with Rishi who has just come there, and falls down. Rishi comes to Lakshmi. Nurse says she has killed Lakshmi. Rishi says killed her. He tries to catch Malishka, but she pushes Rishi and runs away. Rishi shouts for Doctor.

Doctor comes there and gives her electric shock/CPR and says sorry to Rishi. Rishi asks her to move and tells Lakshmi that he has come to her. He says she is my wife and that nothing shall happen to her. He says we are just married and says I don’t care for myself, but nothing shall happen to Lakshmi. Doctor says now nothing can be done, as Lakshmi has no pulse and heart beat. She tries to cover white cloth on her face. Rishi pulls the white cloth from her face, and asks Lakshmi not to joke with him, he can’t bear it, as his heart is weak.

He asks her to get up and cries. He wipes his tears and asks her to give her magical smile. She says we will talk about village stories, and will talk about Minto and Minty story, and will collide our heads also else black dog will bite us. He says you are my life, I can’t live without you, you are my God….He asks her to open her eyes, and says my heart is beating, so your heart will beat too, and says nobody can snatch you from me. He asks her to open her eyes, and asks her to get up, and hugs her, saying he can’t live without her.

Karishma tells Dadi that she will not let inauspicious Lakshmi roam around Rishi, and says she will bring him. Dadi stops her and says tells how their lives are connected. She says Rishi is fine and now Lakshmi shall be fine. She says if Lakshmi is fine then only Rishi will be fine. She says they are incomplete without each other, you should have understood by now, else the matter is over.

The truck owner tells that he has this number. Virender asks if it is real. The truck owner asks him to believe or not. Nurse tells Doctor that someone came in doctor’s uniform and killed Lakshmi. Other Nurse comes. Doctor says Lakshmi is no more. Rishi hugs Lakshmi and asks her to open her eyes. His heart connects with her heart and the machine starts beeping and she gets back her pulse and heart beat. Doctor and Nurses get surprised and happy. Nurse says you have done miracle.

Doctor says this is love miracle. Rishi asks Doctor to check her and says she is breathing. Doctor asks him to calm down. The truck owner says he has written the right number. Sonal calls him and asks him to vanish from there, and says she will give him much money. He asks who are you, who did accident from my lorry? She says yes and says she will give him much money, and asks him to meet her. The truck owner thinks he will take money from them and will kill them.

He takes out the money given by Malishka, and then he snatches bag from Virender, and says he will come in sometime. He shifts all the money in one bag, and then leaks the gas, and thinks now they will be burnt. He goes out of the window, but drops the number chit, and locks the window. Virender, Ayush and Shalu are shocked.

Rishi asks Doctor to take care of Lakshmi. Doctor asks him to go to his ward. Nurse asks him to come. Rishi comes out of the ward. Nurse tells Doctor about Malishka. Doctor says she will bandage her hand. Karishma and Dadi hug Rishi. Rishi says he is fine. Bani comes there and hugs him. He asks where did you go, a big accident had happened with Lakshmi. Neelam comes there and hugs Rishi. Rishi looks on.

Precap: Malishka gets angry to know that Lakshmi is alive and says thick skin. Rishi tells Neelam that if he had not gone then Lakshmi would have been gone. Virender tells that the girl will come again to kill Lakshmi. Nurse finds Lakshmi missing and tells Shalu, while Malishka is standing there. Later Malishka tells Kiran that she has killed Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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