Bhagya Lakshmi 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi walking on the road with her injured foot and feels pain. Malishka thinks I will not go away from Rishi, and will not let Lakshmi win. She says I will not feel guilty, our relation is old, even I love and care for him, and even understand him. She says that’s why, I didn’t tell you anything, when you was feeling sad for lakshmi, gave you space and let you fight with your emotions. She says we both are made for each other, and says you love me the most.

Lakshmi comes to the hospital and asks Doctor to come with her, as her husband’s condition is bad, and says pillar fell on him and he fainted. Doctor says how can I come at this time, weather is bad. Lakshmi pleads infront of him to save her husband and says his mother can’t live without him, and his family too. She pleads and touches his feet, asking him to come with her. Doctor says I will come with you. Lakshmi takes his bag and tells about him. Doctor says I will take care. Rishi gains consciousness and takes Lakshmi’s name. Malishka says Malishka, not Lakshmi. Rishi recalls pillar falling on him and says I thought that I will not be saved. Malishka says you don’t remember anything.

Rishi asks who has saved me? Malishka says I saved you. She says even the fire was caught, but I moved the pillar and haven’t thought about myself, I saved you. She says I was so scared and couldn’t think anything. Pandit ji says weather is good now, half an hour is remaining for the mahurat. Malishka says I don’t think Rishi has the strength now to get married. Rishi says you have saved my life, risking your life, how can I refuse? Malishka says how you will take the rounds being weak. He says I will return your favour and will marry you. Malishka asks him to dress up as the groom. Pandit ji says how can the marriage happen in the same mandap as it is destroyed. Malishka argues with him and says they will marry on the same mandap. She asks Rishi to get ready.

Doctor tells Lakshmi that her husband will be fine with her love and not by his medicine. He says you are sati savitri for your husband and asks her to relax. He asks her to have strength and says he will be fine soon.

Rishi and Malishka sit to marry again after wearing the marriage outfits. Lakshmi asks doctor to stop the car. Doctor says I will park the car and come soon. Lakshmi gets down the car. Pandit ji asks Rishi and Malishka to stand up for the garland round. Rishi and Malishka exchange the garlands. Lakshmi comes to the room and finds Rishi missing. She thinks where did he go, he might be fine. She hears the mantras reciting by the Pandit and comes out. Pandit ji ties the ghatbandhan cloth and asks them to stand up for the rounds, and begin taking the rounds. Lakshmi thinks mantras sound is coming from outside, and thinks if marriage is happening outside, if Rishi is outside, thinks why doctor haven’t come till now. She comes out and sees Rishi and Malishka taking rounds. Her trust shatters seeing his betrayal. Rishi stops seeing Lakshmi standing there. She thinks of her conversation with Malishka and Rishi.

Lakshmi sits in shock, gets up and goes from there. Rishi takes out the ghatbandhan cloth and runs behind Lakshmi. She recalls his betrayal while going out of the house. Doctor comes there and calls Rishi. He says Lakshmi called me here. Malishka says I called you here, and will give you visiting fees, I have called you. Doctor says ok. Rishi calls Lakshmi and comes out of Malishka’s house. Lakshmi recalls Gurucharan’s words and Malishka’s words. She then thinks of Rishi’s words that she is made for him.

Lakshmi moves back and runs from there. Ayush comes there in car, and asks Rishi where is he? He sees him dressed as the groom with garland on his neck. Rishi says she came to know everything. Malishka comes out. Pandit ji says now marriage can’t happen and goes. Malishka asks Rishi if he will marry her. Ayush asks if Lakshmi saw you both getting married.

Precap: Malishka tells Kiran that it is not her mistake, but of Lakshmi’s mistake. Virender slaps Rishi and swears on Bappa that he will not leave anyone, if anything happens to her. Rishi says we shall search her. Lakshmi is shattered.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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