Choti Sardarni 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kulwant and Seher try to help Rema push the baby.
Asser says to Sinha only one person can come to the plane. Feroz try to go to Shabana. He says I am coming Shabana. He sees her face. He sees her dead and screams. Feroz screams what happened to my Shabana. He cries. Everyone cries. He falls on the floor.

Rema gives birth to her child. Everyone cries happily. Kulwant says congratulations. She sees her baby. Seher says aunty why is she not crying? Seher says baby cry, mama is waiting for you. We are waiting for you to cry. Rema starts worrying. The baby doesn’t move. Seher tries to make her cry. Everyone prays for the baby. Seher rubs her chest. The baby cries. Everyone is relieved. Kulwant congratulates Rema. Ajmal steps on Feroz’s foot. He shoves Ajmal and stands up. They all start protesting against the hijackers. Ajmal shoots someone. Seher and Kulwant are scared. He’s shot Feroz. Everyone is shocked. Seher looks out. She cries. Kulwant sees out and screams. Feroz is holding Shabana’s hand.

Scene 2
Kulwant makes a plan and tells Seher. Harshdeep says they shot again. Ask who was shot. Rema hugs her daughter. She hides her under the table. Seher Kulwant Malani and Rema pick up the utensils from the kitchen. Seher says to her baby nothing would happen to you. I love you. Ajmal goes in the kitchen. Rajveer gets on the fuel tank that’s going towards the plane. He hits the driver and takes the truck. Asser looks out and says the fuel is here. He asks Ajmal to go downstairs and get the fuel refreshed. If anyone tried to act smart, shoot them. Once Masood is here we will go to Afghanistan. Rajveer says I am coming Seher. No one can touch you.

Kulwant breaks a glass pot. Ajmal comes downstairs. Everyone on the plante picks a thing to hit them. Seher recalls her moments with Rajveer. Everyone gets up on the plane. They start attacking Asser. Everyone attacks them together. Ajmal says to Rajveer hurry up. Why are you wasting time. Kulwant hits Asser on head. He faints. Seher asks Kulwant are you safe? The business class woman says please forigve me. Ravjeer hits Ajmal. Harshdeep sees him through binoculars. She says Raj? HOw did he come here.

Asser hits Kulwant. Seher and people shove him and save her. They hit and tie Asser. Malani opens the door. They try to get people out. The police come to save people. They take everyone to ambulances. Asser says we will take revenge. They pick Shabana and Feroz’s dead bodies. Seher recalls they were going on honeymoon. She cries. Seher says now you know what a mother is. Asser shouts. The police take him.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher takes Rema’s baby out. Ajmal comes on the plane. He says you’re the one who saved everyoen. I will kill you and this child. He shoves Seher. She screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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