Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya taking the blame on herself. She says I wanted to show the papers to my lawyer once and know about the annulment. Ram says you didn’t trust me. Nandini asks do you have a lawyer. Priya says yes, I wanted to get the papers checked, the papers leaked from there, sorry, blame me if you want. Nandini says call that lawyer, I want to file a case on him. Adi says let it be. She says lawyer leaked it or his worker, right, we should file a case, you all got much hurt. Ram says let it be. She says Meera was also troubled, call the lawyer. Adi thinks sorry Priya, she is getting trapped because of me.

Neeraj comes and says I have the number, she contacted the number through me. Ram asks why will she take your help. Neeraj says she took my help, I m her sister’s husband, I will call the lawyer, you talk to him. Ram says I don’t want to talk, I m done with this. Neeraj asks Priya to come with him and talk to the lawyer. They leave. Nandini says I will forget this if you want, can you forget this, are you okay. He says Priya and my marriage has become a joke, I don’t have any right on her, but I have earned her trust, she can come to me to ask for help. She says she went to Neeraj, she is more comfortable with him. Ram says yes, but he doesn’t respect her and her family, even she doesn’t like him, why was she with him. She says I don’t know why she chose Neeraj, that family is complicated, Priya would be heartbroken like you when Vedika and Shashi got married, you have feelings for Vedika, Priya will also have feelings for Neeraj, she said in interview that one can’t forget first love, so she goes to him, I have hidden something from you, I heard Priya and Neeraj talking on sangeet day.

Neeraj says get me my job back, you got saved because of my drama, Ram wants to leave you, you have no lawyer, Ram wants to annul the marriage, don’t blame me. Priya says don’t lecture me. He says you don’t care for your sister, I will tell the truth to Ram, Nandini will ask Ram to make you out for leaking these papers, I want my job back, I m giving you one day. Adi comes to Ram. Nandini says you should have told me that Priya asked the papers. Adi says no. She says she trusts Neeraj more than us. He says Priya isn’t bad. She says maybe she has a soft corner for Neeraj, we have to figure out how to annul this marriage, Ram, Priya lied and got Shivi married, we can’t run away from this truth. Adi says this marriage can’t be annulled. She asks what, why. He says court won’t believe that Ram and Priya aren’t a happy couple, there is no issue between them now, sorry, I should have got the papers signed before. Ram says its not your mistake, Adi is right, we have given the interview, Priya saved our reputation and family respect, this marriage can’t be annulled now, if people know this, then we will have business losses, Sid and Shubham’s deal will get cancelled, we have to forget this for the business sake, let this marriage stay. She says as you find it right. Adi thinks thank God, Ram did right.

Brinda thanks Adi and says I m so proud that you are my husband. Vikrant and Kunal smile. Brinda says finally annulment papers are gone. Vikrant says this matter can come out again, we have to think of something. Adi says we will always listen to you, I have seen it, Priya is perfect for Ram. Vikrant jokes. Adi says I m not joking, Priya has tolerated a lot, Neeraj is a disgusting man, I will deal with him later, she took the blame to save me, I m a stranger for her, do you know anyone such. They say Ram. He says exactly, Ram and Priya are perfect for each other, Lord sent someone who is like Ram’s nature, who loves Ram, Ram is so good, good should happen with him, thanks for keeping that interview, you opened my eyes, we won’t let anyone separate them. Brinda hugs him. They all hug.

Ram thinks of Priya. Priya comes and says he doesn’t understand me, let it be. He thinks she took Neeraj’s help and didn’t tell me, she knows I don’t like him. He takes the pill. She stops him. He taunts her. She thinks I m not guilty, I shall sleep without fighting. He gets angry. She thinks is he worried because of Neeraj, I won’t give an explanation. Ram acts to call Adi and talk. His phone rings. She thinks he is making an excuse. She asks what was this. He says you took help from Neeraj, you leaked the papers. She says sorry, I know I should have come to you to take help, I didn’t wish to trouble you more. He says sorry, I couldn’t understand. She says don’t think that I don’t want to talk to you or I don’t trust you, I had lied to you about Shivi and Akki, I didn’t wish you to feel ashamed in front of your family. He says our family, we aren’t able to talk and trust each other, I don’t want to hurt you, I know you are honest, I m also honest, we are similar, everyone thinks you couldn’t forget Neeraj, I don’t think so, you are polite towards him just for your sister’s sake. She says you think so. He says I felt bad that you took Neeraj’s help. She says okay. He says I have to join this broken frame, so much happened about annulment, can we forget this for some days, can we postpone this, I m tired of this, if you say. She nods.

Priya asks Neeraj to come out and talk to her. Ram says he is my new account manager. Neetu says Priya did a magic on Ram. Ram and Priya have a moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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