Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Pakhi Rejoices in Sai’s Misery ; Virat -Shruti’s Emotional Convo

Ashwini and others are shocked to hear Pakhi talking about Sai and Virat’s divorce. Devi warns Pakhi to shut her dirty mouth. Pakhi says Sai herself told that she will leave Virat if he betrays her. Sai breaks down and says she will divorce her life itself. Samrat consoles her and says she has topped in her medical exam and will fulfill her Aaba’s dream soon by becoming a doctor and serving patients, this reason is enough for her to live. Ashwini says Sai will stay in this house and supported family in their tough times, so they will support her. Sai feels drowsy and says her migraine is increasing. They all help her rest on bed, leaving Pakhi burning in jealousy.

Shruti expresses her concern for the future of her baby and thinks how will she manage without Sada. Virat says he will take care of all her and her son’s expenses. Shruti says he has his own family and work take care of, so he cannot help them lifelong. He asks not to bother about it and asks her to make a list of items for her new house. She says even Sada used to make a list. He says Sada used to organize things well and even he learnt this good habit from Sada.

She says there must be a tussle going on in his family because of her. He remembers family’s allegations and says they are, but he loves his family and doesn’t want any problem in his family and wife’s lives; his wife is back on track after much difficulties and she is back to her studies and if he involves her, even she will be a culprit like him and will be arrested; if he had informed her about Shruti anyways, she would have been taking care of Shruti and her baby at this time. She asks what is his wife’s name.

Ashwini and others show their concern for Sai. Pulkit offers her medicine to make her feel better. Sai says nothing will comfort her now. Pakhi walks away frowning. Samrat asks Sai not to close the door from inside and call him if she needs any help. Pulkit takes Devi away asking her to let Sai rest now. Shruti asks Virat again to tell his wife’s name. He is about to tell his wife’s name when he gets doctor’s call and asks her to rest while he meets doctor and send her food. She asks if he loves his wife.

He remembers all the quality moments spent with Sai and says a lot and hopes he could tell her that. Sai thinks she thought Virat loves her like a husband and hopes she shouldn’t have taken long to inform him that she loves him immensely. Shruti asks Virat if Sai loves him. He says he doesn’t know and even he couldn’t express how much he loves her. She asks what kind of marriage is this, she senses Sai’s possessiveness during their phone conversation and realized Sai loves him immensely.

He asks her to rest now. She asks if their differences will increase if they don’t clear them. He says he thought his wife understands him and will support him, but she doesn’t. He then asks her again to relax and congratulates her for becoming a mother. She says Sahas is also his son as he is Sahas’ father for the world. He says he is Sahas’ godfather now. Nurse informs him that doctor wants to meet him, and he follows her.

Samrat, Pulkit, and Mohit discuss about Sai’s condition. Pulkit says she got migraine attack and should rest in a quiet and dark place. Samrat asks Mohit why didn’t he confront Virat when he saw Virat with another woman. Mohit says he couldn’t.

Samrat gets angry and calls Virat to confront him. Virat busy chatting with doctor notices Samrat’s call and rejects it. Samrat thinks how can Shiva reject his brother’s call, Shruti became more dearer to him than family. Doctor informs Virat that Shruti’s internal bleeding is increasing and she needs immediate surgery. Samrat decides to visit Virat and Shruti’s hotel room and confront them. Mohit says they already checked out of hotel. Virat asks doctor to start preparations for operation.

Next morning, Sai wakes up and thinks Virat will never come home and must have decided to spend his life with Shruti; so its a time for her to get into action. She packs her clothes. Virat returns home and asks why is she packing bags, where is she going. She asks if he is talking to her, does he inform her wherever he goes. He says he does everything with a reason and he already told her to trust him and wait for a right time. She asks if he wants her to wait for a right time after so much happened. He says he didn’t do anything wrong and she is wrongly percepting the situation.

Precap: Sai returns Virat’s wedding ring and leaves his house. He thinks he will not repeat his words and doesn’t have strength left to prove himself innocent.

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