Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Pakhi’s Jealousy; Sai Virat’s Ice Cream Moment

Virat tells Sai that one issue is troubling him still. She asks which one. He jokes that he is feeling hungry as he didn’t have anything since morning and goes to bring food. Pakhi calls Vaishali and informs her about Bhavani decision. Vaishali says Bhavani is right as Sai and Virat are husand and wife, she knows Pakhi hates Sai, but elders dream of playing with grandchildren; even she and Shailesh dream of playing with her babies. Pakhi says this will never happen. Vaishali says Samrat will not be quiet for long and when she has decided to lead a martial life with him, children are obvious choice and she should move on with him. Pakhi says she called her to discuss her problem and not to increase it and disconnects call.

Virat brings food for Sai, and they both feed each other. He says everyone cannot understand and accept her easily, even Bhavani is unable to accept her; he reminds her that even he didn’t accept her getting Devi and Pulkit married. Pakhi laughs and says he created such a big drama then. He says he suffered so much but is brushing off the issue with a joke. She says she wasn’t understanding him then. He asks what now. She says she understands him like a friend. He says she is speaking maturely. She asks why kaku/Bhavani’s behavior changed suddenly. He says someone must have provoked Bhavani to force her to behave like a bahu. She says she knows who is she, her name starts from p and ends with i. She say she will not change.

Sonali visits Mohit and Karishma’s room and suggests them to have a baby. Mohit asks if she is competing with Bhavani. Sonali says its a question of first heir of this family and she wants him to bear a heir first. Mohit says he takes care of his and Karishma’s expenses with great difficulty and cannot bear baby’s responsibility. Sonali tells Karishma that Sai will rule the house if she bears baby first. Mohit denies and walks out angrily. Sonali teaches Karishma to control Mohit. Karishma asks just like she controls baba. Sonali walks away saying she understood.

Pakhi returns to her room and seeing Samrat sleeping relaxes thinking he will not demand for a baby. She pulls out pillow under his hand and tries to leave when he holds her hand and asks where is she going. She says to sleep on couch. He asks her to sleep on bed. She complains that Sai enjoys parties and dumps all the cleaning work on her and Karishma. He notices her tired and asks if he should massage her. She denies. He says they should take their relationship forward now. She says let us discuss about it later.

He says they should now, Bhavani didn’t demand baby from him as he is not from Chavan family, but he is his mother’s son and she will expect a grandson; he reminds even her wish to take their relationship forward. She says he misunderstood her. He tries to get intimate. She backs off. He says her words and actions don’t match, which shows that she hasn’t forgotten Virat yet and he saw even her opposing Virat and Sai shifting in a same room. She says she didn’t mean that. He says he wants her answer as still is stuck in past and not letting their relationship move ahead.

Sai while studying remembers Bhavani’s words. Virat snaps his fingers and asks what is she thinking. She says she is studying. He continues joking and offers her guava ice cream with chilli powder sprinkled on it, saying she knows about mirchi and modak combination and should try it. She tastes it. He asks if she doesn’t want to shift to his room, he will get his transfer. She asks if he has problem staying with her. He asks when did he say. She says if he doens’t want to, he should inform kaku. He says she is scold him instead of understanding his words. She says aayi doesn’t want her to go, but he wants her to. He says he will not let her go. She says even she will not let him go. He asks why. She says because he is her. Shew asks what.

Precap: Pakhi sees Virat in his car and walking towards meets with a minor accident. Virat rushes to her and lifts her.
Sai returns and notices that.

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