Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Virat Caught in Hospital ; Unable to Reach Sai’s Felicitation

Pulkit continues hosting college award function and requests dean to speak a few words. Dean praises Sai’s achievement. Virat emotionally speak to Sada’s baby boy Sahas and says he needs more Sahas/courage to stay in this world, his father was a courageous man, he is his father’s best friend Virat and he can call him Veeru Kaku, he has aunt/kai Sai who is getting an award and would be happy seeing baby Sahas, etc., and clicks his pic.

Dean calls Virat to come on stage and speak a few words. Sai eagerly waits for Virat and thinks why should she bother when he is not bothered about her. Aniket tells Sai that she is lucky both at studies and family wise. Sai thinks she came first in exam, but got zero family wise.

Virat visits Shruti. She panics seeing her tummy flat. Nurse says she delivered a baby boy. Shruti insists to see her baby right now. Virat shows Sahas’ pic and says he in incubator now as he ia bit weak. Shruti insists to hold her baby right now. Nurse sasy she can later and gives her injectino to rest. Shruti falls asleep. Nurse suggests Virat to go and take rest as mother and baby are under observation. He thanks her and prays god to reach Sai’s award function before she receives award.

Sunny joins Mohit and Samrat and seeing Virat missing asks if he has gone to bring gift for Sai. Samrat informs that Virat didn’t attend function and has gone to meet his friend’s wife Shruti. He explains that Virat gets Shruti’s call and he leaves even at midnight. Mohit says he doesn’t even return home whole night.

Sunny says Shruti must be Virat’s colleague’s wife and he must be helping her. Samrat says Virat would have brought Shruti home if she needs help. Pakhi asks if they should treat Shruti like they treat Sai. Mohit reveals that he saw Virat with a woman. They all 3 hope Virat is not doing anything wrong.

Virat finds his car not starting, shows his ID card to a biker, and takes his biker to reach auditorium. Dean presents awards to winners. Karishma says Sai is missing from her seat. Sonali taunts Sai is acting like a celebrity. Ninad says his bahu is really a celebrity and will make them proud more. Ashwini says she is proud of Sai, but the one who really matters for Sai is missing.

Virat escapes accident while driving fast. Pulkit calls Aniket and other rank holders on stage first and then 1st rank holder Sai who made a new record and made whole college proud. Virat reaches auditorium and hopes to reach in on time and watch Sai receiving award. He enters in and hears Pulkit calling Sai.

Everyone clap for Sai. Sai walks on stage while everyone clap and her haters Pakhi, Omkar, and Sonali frown. Dean asks Pulkit to present award to Sai as he helped her a lot in her success. Pulkit presents award to Sai and notices her looking at door. He congratulates her. Dean asks Sai to break records and make her college proud.

Precap: Sai expresses her sorrows on stage that she doesn’t have a dear one who can support her. Virat hearing that thinks who is he then. She thanks people who supported her and one who didn’t, she feels alone today. Virat thinks if he is nothing to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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