Katha Ankahee 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ahsan motivates and excites Arav for the trip at yacht. Katha questions Arav for his low level of excitement. He doesn’t say something. Katha asks if he doesn’t want to go, she will refuse right now. Ahsan receives a call from Teju. She tells Ahsan about a surprise, she is friends with a member of a royal family of Paris where Ahsan is opting for a project. Paranlekha is in town and Teeju invited her to dinner, Ahsan should come today to sweep the deal. Ahsan worries as he has other plans. Teeju cannot delay, royals are on a tight schedule. Ahsan will come. Katha understands that the plan has been postponed. Ahsan apologizes to Arav and Katha.

Ahsan is late for dinner. Teeju apologizes for dishonoring the royal highness. Paranlekah lets it go for the first time. Ahsan apologize, he will not commit such mistake. Teeju, Farah and Paranlekha bursts into laughter. Paranlekha can not stay in character for more. She is a Queen in her city not here. Teeju taunts her for bunking classes and college reunion. Paranlekha has to go to a party soon. She confirms the Viaan and Ahsan’s project on the condition that they have to bring Teeju to her hometown. They both agree instantly.

Ahsan apologizes to Paranlekha for getting her late. Farah told that Viaan pushed Teeju to call Ahsan urgently, he does not commit to business meeting without him. Paranlekha praise their friendship. Ahsan calls Viaan aside.

Ahsan tells Viaan that he bought a new yacht. He was going to take it for its first drive with Katha but Viaan needed him. Ahsan does not consider it a coincidence. He knows that Viaan couldn’t bear with the fact that he was taking Katha, so he called Paranlekha. Ahsan questions Viaan for keeping him and Katha separate purposely. Viaan asks him not to bring their friendship to question because of Katha. Ahsan wants Viaan to say it for once that he doesn’t feel anything about Katha. Viaan remains silent. Ahsan warns him to keep his distance from his relationship with Katha, Ahsan is serious about it. This meddling will not be good for their business for friendship.

Ahsan excuse himself from the gathering, he has to reach somewhere important. Viaan will take care of rest of the arrangement. Teeju shows Viaan necklace she received from Paranlekha as a gift. She ought to give it to her daughter in law. She than taunts Viaan for getting cocky about his marriage. Farah is sure that Viaan will be in love and ready for marriage once he finds the right guy. As much as Paranlekha understands, Viaan is already in love. One is only tensed in love. Viaan questions her. Love can only be understood by one who love or the one who made it. Farah wishes to have Ahsan here; he falls in love almost daily. Farah sees Paranlekha off. Teeju asks Viaan about his concern.

Viaan is shocked to know that Paranlekha knows poetry. Teeju wants Viaan to have what she once had. Teeju’s one sided love was pure. Viaan has not been in love. Teeju calls denial to be first symptom of love. Viaan assures that there is no one. Teeju tells that being overprotective is second symptom. Viaan questions her for emotionally blackmailing him. She tells that fighting your people for love is third symptom. Viaan assures that he will never fight her for anyone. Teeju asks him to beware of his own understanding about love and tell his mother about it. Teeju hopes for him to find his love soon and come back home to tell her about it.

Katha notices Arav silently lying on his bed, she asks why his energetic son is so dull today. She questions if Reet said something to him. Katha tries to get him talk. Arav gets irritated. Katha will not share his secrets with her as well. Arav cannot share everything with her, he is man of the house and has to find a solution of this issue himself. Katha understands that there is a problem. Arav makes her promise not to help him then tells her that his school mates attacked him today. They think that Arav tries to be over smart in front of everyone. Katha will go to school with him tomorrow. Neerja enters the house. Katha asks her about whereabout. Neerja says that she went for some work. Katha questions her for not knowing how to lie. Neerja gets a calls, she comes aside. The woman on other side questions Neerja for constantly delaying. Neerja will come to her soon. Katha hugs Arav.

PREACP: Viaan begs Katha not to assume him for the man whom she spent a night with, he has a lot more to him than that. He is human, flesh and blood. Arav gifts Katha chocolates and flowers as his valentine. He wants Katha to meet Robin.

Update Credit to: Sona

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