Sirf Tum 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Honey talking to Ranveer and asking if he trusts her now. She lies to him that Suhani called her to take revenge from him. She recalls calling Ranveer and telling that Suhani sent her to take revenge from him. Ranveer asks her to get her treated and tells that Suhani can never do this. fb ends. Honey fools them and makes Suhani hears him saying that now he will get her hatred and pain. Suhani believes Honey and cries. She recalls Dadi’s words and tells that I was thinking to give you second chance and was thinking to return to you, but no, you have hatred in your heart. Honey thinks nobody thinks about crazy and mind blowing Honey. She says they will always hate each other and will think that I am on other side. She says she has snatched my husband from me, now you will have revenge and pain, this will be my final plan and laughs.

Sudha asks if Suhani is not picking the call. Dadi says phone is off. Sudha gets worried. Dadi asks Ishaan to get her college number. Honey then provokes Suhani and asks her to trust her and asks what did you get by trusting Ranveer, you got hatred. She says Suhani’s mind will be small now and hurts her, says this is the best of the best game, as game is over. Dadi calls college number and talks to the professor, and is told that she didn’t come to college. Sudha says she is in trouble. Ishaan asks her not to worry and says I will go and see. Sudha asks him to go and asks if Ranveer found Suhani and did something wrong. Dadi says he can’t do wrong with Suhani.

Sudha asks Dadi to take Ranveer’s help and call him. Dadi says Suhani will not feel good. Honey starts dancing tandav dance and hurts Suhani. A guy jumps in there and looks at tied Suhani. Honey takes the gun and dances. The guy throws the net on her. Honey asks how did you come here Ranveer. The guy ties her in the net and runs to unconscious Suhani. He frees the rope. Honey asks him to free her. The guy cleans Suhani’s injury and applies the ointment. He gives injection to Suhani. He calls her Dr. Suhani and sprinkles water on her face. Suhani gains consciousness and sees the guy, who is wearing the mask. She asks who are you? He removes the mask and shows his face. Honey looks at him. He says hi dr. Suhani, I am Dr. Aditya. He says you might not heard my name. Honey says I will burn you alive. He says you will go to jail now and grind the chakki. Suhani asks when you saw me. He says you didn’t see me in Dean office and I had come to your house to meet you, but you sat in cab and went, when I followed you, I saw her kidnapping you. He follows the car and reaches there. Suhani thanks Aditya. He says we are classmates and will meet. He says we are friends now and will help each other in any situation. He asks Suhani if she is fine. Suhani says I am much better. Police comes there and arrests Honey. Suhani says your game is over, and even Ranveer’s game, give my message to him. She goes. Dr. Aditya goes behind her. Police takes Honey with them.

Dadi says this person is the devil and curses Honey. Sudha says Ranveer was helping her and is equally guilty. Dadi says we are with you and asks her to remember that she is a nice girl and someone will help her surely.Aditya comes there and greets them. He says hi to Ishaan. Dadi blesses Aditya and thanks him. Sudha says you don’t know us, but saved us.Aditya asks them not to make him stranger and tells that Suhani told that you people are searching rented house, and tells that he came to welcome them in his house. He says he has a big house and they can stay in his house. Suhani says we will manage, you don’t need to stress. Aditya says if you get more good offer than this, then I will name myself circuit. He says his family stays in Delhi and comes to meet him sometimes, and he gets bored. He says I will trouble you for home made food, other than that no worries.

Precap: Suhani tells that she hates Ranveer and wipes his name from the diary. Meanwhile Ranveer develops hatred for Suhani and burns her pictures.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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