Udaariyaan 19th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass saying if I want, then I can take you with me right away, but I won’t do this, I will give you one-day time, you go home and tell everyone about our marriage, will you say. Fateh asks the man where did you find this phone. The man says that side. Jass says tell them, else I will come there and drag you. Fateh looks for her. Jass says take this, you remember what I said. Fateh calls out Tejo loudly. Jass says remember what I said. Tejo calls out Fateh. He comes there and sees her fallen down. Jass runs away. Fateh runs to her and shouts Amrik, catch him.

Amrik runs after Jass. Fateh asks Tejo, who was he. She says Jass. He asks Jass. Jass throws some sand over Amrik and runs. Amrik comes back. He says he has run away, I couldn’t see his face, who was he. Fateh says he was Jass. Simran and Mahi see Tejo. Simran says we will take her home. They come home. Gurpreet takes care of Tejo. She asks what happened. Khushbeer asks what does Jass want. Simran says when he married to leave her… Fateh says it was not a marriage, he got daring to attack Tejo, I think he forgot the last time beating, once he comes in front of me, I will not leave him. Jasmin says poor Tejo, Jass can attack her, why did he come after a long time. Tejo recalls Jass’ words. She gives the paper. Fateh and Khushbeer check it.

Khushbeer asks what’s this, Jass is still Tejo’s husband, we didn’t know about their marriage registration. Rupy says it was done for Canada visa. Khushbeer says you should have applied for divorce. Rupy says his mum was arrested, we knew its a fraud, the lawyer said the marriage won’t be regarded legal. Khushbeer asks who was that lawyer. Rupy says he was Jass’ lawyer. Khushbeer says wow, you believed him, you didn’t think the lawyer can be fraud. Rupy says Tejo wasn’t well, Jasmin’s marriage was fixed, you know what happened then, we could have checked the papers well, Tejo had to undergo this, how to deal with this new problem. Khushbeer stumbles. They all hold him. He says I m fine, we have to bring Tejo out of this problem. Mahi asks is Tejo safe, if he tries to harm her. Fateh says he won’t do this, if he comes, then I will break his legs. Jasmin thinks he gets angry when its about Tejo. Khushbeer and Fateh say Tejo won’t go out of the house. Khushbeer says let the lawyer come, we will take action as he says.

Tejo lies in Satti’s lap. She asks why are all the sorrows written in my share. Satti says trust Lord, he will end our sorrow also, you are my brave daughter, we get courage by you. Fateh recalls Tejo and Jass’ marriage. He cries seeing Tejo. Jasmin smiles. Gurpreet says you are our strength, if you fall weak, then we all will fall weak. Simran asks Candy to stop. Candy goes to Tejo. He asks why are you crying. Simran says she is tired, let her sleep. Candy says I will sleep here, I will always be with him. Satti says let him stay here, Tejo got a smile.

Bebe asks how did we make this big mistake. Satti and Rupy cry. Rupy says it happened because of me. Abhiraj says we all are responsible for this. Satti prays for Tejo. Tejo is sleeping. She thinks of Jass and wakes up. She cries. Simran wakes up and hugs her. She asks Tejo to calm down. Its morning, the lawyer says this marriage is legal, Jass and Tejo are husband and wife, it will be risky to take any action, there is no fraud case on him, we have to find loopholes to get Tejo divorced, we have two days time, there are diwali holidays, court will be closed. Gurpreet says we can’t wait for court reopening, Jass can do anything. Khushbeer says he can’t think of anything else. Fateh asks is there no other way. The lawyer says it all depends on the court. Khushbeer asks what about Fateh and Tejo’s marriage. The lawyer says until this paper is valid, there is no meaning of Fateh and Tejo’s marriage, its illegal, Jass can create a new problem, he can say that you knew it and got Tejo and Fateh married. He leaves. Nimmo says one problem doesn’t end and other started, there are more dramas than a tv serial. Biji asks her to shut up. Tejo cries. Gurpreet says don’t worry, we will find some way. Tejo recalls Jass and runs to her room. Fateh looks on. Khushbeer says let her lighten her heart. Tejo cries and thinks of everything.

Jasmin comes and says have this haldi milk, I got this for you, you are hurt, right, have it. She takes the glass back and says don’t you think I need this more, Jass gave you a little wound, you gave me a deep wound, you called me other woman, how are you feeling now being the other woman, you are staying in your illegal husband’s house, Jass wants to take you back. Tejo cries. Jasmin laughs. He says I m scared, Jass can take your Agnipariksha, you and Fateh spent a night out together, you will fail in this Agnipariksha, you spent four days with Fateh and thought its a relation of births, those four days were false. Tejo says Jasmin please leave me alone. Jasmin says your illegal marriage with Fateh has given me guarantee, I will become his legal wife. She goes. Tejo runs to pray. She sees Matarani idol. She says everyone tells that you test good people, is it bad to be good, I can’t tolerate this more, I didn’t wish to marry Jass, I did it for the family, he cheated me and left me, I didn’t lose courage, I knew Fateh isn’t mine, I married him, it was your wish, because I was your good follower, I accepted whatever happened here, I never complained, I trusted you, everything went wrong, but I found Fateh’s presence and love true, you snatched even that from me, I didn’t complain, I was happy that the days spent with him are mine, you snatched my happiness, what do you want, why did you leave my breath, snatch it and let me die. She cries.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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