Yeh Hai Chahatein : Aditya Shoots Down Aman !

Arjun and Kashvi see blood fallen on them and ask each other if they are fine. Just then they see Aditya shooting Aman from behind, as Aman falls down dead. Adi asks Kashvi if she is fine. Kashvi says we are fine and asks Adi, what you have done. Adi says just as he was behind you, I didn’t have any option left. Arjun asks how did you know that we are here. Adi says my men were keeping eye on Kashvi for her safety, and says I saved her eventually. He says he is worried about how Mom will react. He says he wouldn’t have done this, if Aman had not tried to kill you. Police comes there to take the dead body.

Micky tells Arjun that finally Aman game is over, and you are relaxed and problem is solved. Arjun says we couldn’t see something, and tells that Adi has killed her own twin brother, and says things are not simple as it is looking. Micky says Adi did this to save Kashvi. Arjun says if Adi wanted then he would have shot him on his leg, but he shot him at such a place that Aman died instantly. He says we didn’t know the truth fully and I will know the truth. He comes to the lab and asks the forensic expert about Aman’s autopsy report. Doctor says he has many marks of surgery on his face, and it seems like cosmetic surgery. Arjun asks him to tell in detail. Doctor says it is cosmetic surgery marks, some deep secret is behind it. Arjun thinks what could be the reason for such surgery. He asks Doctor to say. Doctor says such surgery is done of acid attack victim or if the face is ruined. He tells that Aman might have got the surgery done, as his face was ruined.

Kashvi asks Sushma to have food. Sushma refuses to have food, and says my world is shattered and asks Adi why did he kill him. Adi cries and says I couldn’t take care of him, and says if I had not shot him then he would have shot Kashvi, and asks how can I let this happen. He says you know what he can do in his madness, and says he had killed Nisha. He says if he had not threatened to kill Kashvi then he wouldn’t have shot him. He says my brother who protected me in our childhood, and got scolded by Papa many times to save me. He says he has done his duty and saved Kashvi. He says I just hope that his soul gets peace and he forgives me. He says I was helpless to do this, and don’t know if this is right or not, and tells that I shall be punished, and will punished my hands. He hits his hands on the table. Kashvi says you didn’t do wrong, you shot him as he didn’t leave any way infront of you, so stop blaming yourself. Adi apologizes to Sushma.

Later in the night, Adi gets up. He gets a call from someone and thinks why he is calling me now. He gets shocked and asks what you are doing in my house background, if you had gone mad and asks him not to do any foolishness. He says I am coming and ends the call. He sees Kashvi sleeping and goes out to the background. He sees Arjun standing, and asks why did you come and what you want to ask me. Arjun says I saw Aman’s autopsy report and asks why his face had surgeries multiple times. Adi asks if you are mad to come at this time to ask this. Arjun asks him to tell. Adi asks what was the need to read my brother’s report? Arjun says Aman had threatened to kill Kashvi and me. He asks about the surgery. Sushma comes there and tells that Aman and Adi’s father had threw hot water on Adi’s face, but Aman took it on his face and that’s why he has to get the surgery done. She says what Kashvi will think if she comes to know about this. Arjun says sorry and goes.

Next day, Arjun asks the officer to stop his transfer. The guy says you can’t do service as per your liking and says you have to report in Kanpur, and says if you get late then you will get suspended. Arjun thinks his heart is not agreeing, he doesn’t think that Kashvi is safe with him. He comes out and sees Kashvi standing and hearing them. He asks Kashvi, what she was doing here? Kashvi says I was going from here to my cabin. Arjun asks if you are worried about my Kanpur transfer and asks if you will miss me. Kashvi says I am not worried and will not miss you, so I am not worried at all. He asks if you don’t care if I leave from Faridabad. Kashvi says she don’t care that he is leaving and will not be in Faridabad. She says infact it is good for him to go from here, and asks him to go and don’t come back. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…..They think about each other’s moments and cry.

Precap: Kashvi asks the girl why she came there (to her office). The girl says Papa beats Mummy a lot and keeps her tied. Kashvi and Arjun hear her. Arjun finds the girl’s mother dead. He comes to Kashvi-Adi’s house and tells that Savita was murdered, Rusha’s mother. He says Savita ji was tied and kept like Nisha.

Update Credit to: MA

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