Yeh Hai Chahatein : Armaan Kidnaps Rudra !

Dr. Sharma reveals that Armaan had brought Preesha in an unconscious state and wanted him to drug Preesha and erase her memory, so he gave a medicine which Armaan was giving to Preesha regularly to not let Preesha’s memory return. Rudra asks why was Preesha getting a panic attack seeing him. Dr Sharma reveals that Armaan didn’t want Preesha to return to Rudra and hence showed Preesha an orchestrated video where a man tortures her and morphed man’s face with Rudra’s face. Rudra records his statement in his mobile.

Dr. Sharma pleads to spare his wife now. Rudra asks Vidyuth to shoot Dr. Sharma’s wife. Vidyuth shoots a water gun. Doctor shouts no. Rudra reveals his wife is alive and says he will not stoop so low as he knows the feeling of losing family. He asks Dr. Sharma to described whatever he told now in front of police. Dr. Sharma refuses.

Armaan hears doctor shouting and bribes hotel staff to open the door. Staff asks Rudra to open the door for room service. Rudra says he doesn’t need anything. Precap: Imlie keeps karva chauth vrat/fast for Atharva and is shocked see Atharva and Chini hugging each other. She questions that she was going to have a relationship of 7 lives, but it couldn’t survive for 7 days. tries to shout.

Rudra shuts his mouth and says he will not harm him as he knows the value of losing family and asks him to reveal Armaan’s truth in front of police. Armaan bribes staff more and enters room. Rudra is shocked to see him and asks how did he come here, how can he walk on his feet. Armaan says he knows everything and replaced injection which Preesha gave him. He shouts that Rudra and Preesha fooled and tortured him.

Rudra shouts Armaan ruined his and Preesha’s lives and fights with Armaan. Digvijay and Armaan overpower him, but Rudra pushes Digvijay away and trashes Armaan. Armaan points gun at Rudra and abducts him his secret storehouse where he ties Rudra and tortures him brutally. Rudra says Preesha found out his truth and will never accept him. Armaan continues to torture him. Doctor asks if he can go now.

Armaan asks if he revealed truth to Rudra. Doctor says he had to reveal truth as Rudra threatened to kill his wife. Armaan tongue lashes doctor and continues to assault Rudra. Digvijay stops him and says he should return soon before Preesha gets suspicious. Armaan orders guards to not let anyone in and returns home. Digvijay goes to Preesha’s room to check if she is asleep. Preesha acts as sleeping.

Pihu enters her class and finds classmates laughing seeing her morphed bikini pics on wall. She tongue lashes her classmates and asks if they would have laughed seeing their and their sister’s morphed photos. A rogue boy whom Vidyuth had punished when he clicks Pihu’s videos inappropriately accepts to have done this and says its his revenge. Pihu tries to slap him when Vidyuth enters and trashes that boy brutally.

Pihu stops him and says even he did same to her earlier. Vidyuth says he is repenting for that and apologized her many times. Pihu asks if she should trust him. Vidyuth asks what shall he do to gain her trust. Preesha takes tea for Armaan. Armaan says he is going to have shower and asks why she looks nervous. Preesha says she is fine. Armaan thinks Preesha thinks she is fooling him, but she is getting fooled instead.

Precap: Sharda informs Preesha that Rudra is missing. Armaan hostages Rudra, calls Preesha, and reveals that he knows that her memory is back and he has kidnapped Rudra. Preesha shoots at Armaan to kill him, but
bullet hits Rudra.

Update Credit to: MA

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