Yeh Hai Chahatein : It’s High Octane Romance For Rudra & Preesha !

Rudra and Vanshika’s prewedding rituals start. They both sit for a haldi ritual. Preesha with Pihu and Armaan attends it and gets jealous seeing Rudra and Vanshika’s PDA. Sharda welcomes them and says they came at the right time as haldi ritual is about to start. She asks Rudra if they can start the ritual. Rudra says of course as everyone have come. Sharda applies halid on Rudra and Vanshika. Rudra says he wants to apply haldi to his beloved would be wife.

Vanshika says he has right on her and should apply haldi in a special way. He rubs his haldi smeared cheek on her cheek. Shiddat Banaloon Tujhe.. song plays in the background. Preesha recalls her and Rudra’s haldi and thinks why she is recalling her past. Rudra asks Vanshika to apply haldi to him now. She rubs her cheek to his cheek. Pihu notices Preesha jealous and asks if she is feeling jealous. Preesha asks why would she feel jealous.

Sharda asks others to apply haldi to bride and groom now. Saransh, Roohi, and others apply haldi. Sharda says now haldi ritual is complete, bride and groom can go and change for next rituals. Rudra says he will lift and carry his bride and carries Vanshika. Preesha recalls Rudra carrying her during their haldi ritual. Vanshika asks Rudra to drop her down as shagun is complete.

Jealous preesha cross legs Vanshika and makes her fall down. Sharda helps Vanshika get up. Rudra asks how did she fall down. Vanshika says she tripped over her lehanga Pihu tells Preesha that she saw her cross-legging Vanshika and making her fall down, it looks she is really jealous of Vanshika. Preesha sratches her nose and says she is not. Pihu says she trusts her. Rudra says Preesha’s feelings are still intact for him and she is feeling jealous even after Armaan’s conspiracies.

Roohi apologizes Preesha as she was angry on her. Preesha says she was but not now. Roohi takes her to show her room and winks at Rudra. Sharda says she forgot to apply Rudra’s used haldi to Vanshika. Saransh says he will give it to Rudra and thinks Preesha will get this for Preesha. She slides on a skateboard and drops haldi on Preesha. Roohi scolds him for spoiling Preesha’s dress.

Saransh apologizes Preesha and says he was taking it for Rudra. Preesha says its okay. Roohi takes Preesha towards Rudra’s room to clean herself. Arman gets restless when Preesha doesn’t return and asks Sarnash about her. Saransh says she went to clean herself as haldi fell on her. Armaan thinks he himself will go and check as he can’t trust Roohi who leaves no chance to get Rudra and Preesha closer.

Roohi drops Preesha to Rudra’s room and leaves asking her to freshen up till she returns. Preesha hesistantly stands there thinking Rudra must be in bathroom. Rudra asks for a towel. Preesha hands him towel. He pulls her in and hugs her from behind. He pushes her away. He acts as shocked and says he was expecting Vanshika as they had planned to bathe together and its normal for couple to bathe, asks not to say that she is old fashioned and feels awkward.

Preesha says she is not old fashioned but is not interested in his story. She tries to leave. He slips and pulls her under shower. They both get lost in a flow and get intimate. Yeh Laal Ishq.. song plays in the background. Preesha recalls similar earlier incident with him and thinks why she feels good when Rudra touches him and wants to be in his arms forever.

Armaan goes to check. Roohi notices him going and thnks she will check with Saransh if he is executing the plan properly. Saransh throws marbles in Armaan’s way and make him fall. Vidyuth and Raj rush to him and asks how did he fall. Roohi says she by mistake left her marbles on floor and apologizes Armaan.

Vidyuth says its okay as its not her mistake, Armaan should have watched properly. He and Raj help Armaan walk. Rudra asks Preesha if she is feeling fine. Preesha says he feels they were under shower before. Rudra says she remembers that, they bathed under shower together many times and used to enjoy a lot.

Precap: Rudra writes R on Preesha hand with mehandi, shows it to Armaan, and says Preesha consider him husband and Armaan. Preesha’s dupatta catches fire.

Update Credit to: MA

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